Edomex: budget atorón

A week ago, the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo, gave testimony of his good relationship with the Fourth Transformation. And for example, a button: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had decided to advance the inauguration of the Interurban Train, so that the PRI president could say goodbye with that work, before handing over power, in September 2023.

The megaworks of the Fourth Transformation go. But realizing them – the Interoceanic Corridor, the Mayan Train and the Felipe Angeles Airport – depends on opposition governors. Del Mazo, like his counterparts Alejandro Murat, Mauricio Vila and Carlos Joaquín González, enjoy the presidential trust.

That good spirit, however, has not infected the leaders of both sides. In Edomex, for example, Morena’s cigars in the local Congress have not endorsed the economic package proposed by the Executive. The regular session of the LX local Legislature concluded a week ago and an extraordinary session must be convened to approve the Revenue Law, the Budget and the Tax Code.

The opinions did not even reach the plenary session, however, the agreements signed at the table that local legislators agreed with the federal government, with Undersecretary Rabindranath Salazar as promoter and witness of honor.

Maurilio Hernández, leader of the Morenoist caucus in the Mexican Congress, and the secretary of government, Ernesto Nemer Álvarez, have maintained an agile and constructive dialogue. But Morena – through the state delegate, Marta Guerrero, and Senator Higinio Martínez – have not wanted to endorse the agreements reached in that instance.

Likewise, the leaders of the opposition banks, Elías Rescala, of the PRI, and Enrique Vargas del Villar, of the PAN, whose deputies have not even agreed to participate in the deliberations of the joint planning, public spending and finance commissions.

Hernández also did not have enough votes to carry out the economic package before the end of the regular period.

The Secretary of Finance, Rodrigo Jarque, proposed to increase the generation of resources, with the introduction of four new taxes – one for polluting industries, among them – but the leftist bank, with the support of the PVEM and Nueva Alianza, managed to have two withdrawn. of the new taxes, which were levied on electronic commerce.

The authorization to contract loans for 9.5 billion pesos has not been granted, despite the fact that 5.949 million would be used to finance federal works, including road connectivity for the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, which should start operations just within three months.

To support his request, the Executive detailed the 71 projects contemplated to conclude next year. Of the 3,550 million pesos that would correspond to state works, 1,145 million would be allocated to the Municipal Development Fund and the rest —2,405 million— would be poured into 46 municipalities, which would generate 22,555 direct jobs and 47,103 indirect ones.

Those works were presented by Del Mazo to the Legislature three months ago, during his Fourth Government Report. The Chalco-Santa Martha corridor is an electrical system for mass transportation that will require 5,245 million pesos, and will connect with Line A of the STC Metro of Mexico City. While the expansion of Mexibús will require 700 million pesos.

The united commissions resumed their work yesterday, after a five-day standoff. The PAN members withdrew from the table and would not attend the extraordinary period. And a sector of the PRI bench does not endorse the negotiations between the government secretary and federal authorities.

Alberto Aguirre


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