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An Edmonton delivery driver saw his routine workday turn into a nightmare Tuesday night when he was attacked and his truck stolen.

José Sánchez Rojas said that he made his fifth delivery around midnight in the area of ​​108th street and 132nd avenue and that he was returning to his truck when he was taken by surprise.

“Suddenly, instead of closing, the door was thrown wide and someone was there,” he explained.

“With something like a stick, you know? Beating my hands like a drum. “

Sánchez Rojas said the attacker took him out of his own truck and threw him on the road.

He said he was having trouble getting up due to the ice and how bad his hands hurt, but was determined to get his vehicle back.

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“I was just grabbing the door handle and the truck accelerated further and I hit the ground,” he recalled.

He tried to chase his stolen vehicle on foot, but only did so a few blocks before it took off.

Sánchez Rojas said that when the police arrived at the scene, they took him to the hospital to have X-rays taken.

Fortunately, he did not suffer any broken bones, but his knuckles are black and blue and he has some cuts and scrapes on his hands. He said they hurt so much that he couldn’t write his own police statement.

The attack also shocked him mentally.

“I’m very scared,” he said.

“I am still suffering from the trauma.”

Sánchez Rojas is hopeful that someone can find his black 2010 Dodge Caravan, with Alberta registration CKD-9124.

This is the truck that was stolen from Sánchez Rojas.


In it, he had three GPS systems to help him navigate the city and 83 packages that he still had to deliver.

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“I am very concerned about my clients. I know that the boxes are very important to them, ”said Sánchez Rojas.

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He has worked as a deliveryman for the past seven years, having immigrated to Canada from Peru in 2008.

Sánchez Rojas said his family sought refuge in Canada after someone shot at his workplace in his country.

Despite being highly educated and holding two degrees, he has been working odd jobs since immigrating and had found a love of dedication.

“I learned to take pride in doing something simple, but well done,” he explained.

His route included clients from North Red Deer, and he hopes to be able to return to work immediately so he can support his family. But that will be difficult now that his truck is gone.

“That’s life, isn’t it?” he said. “You fall to the ground. And as soon as you can stand up, that’s for the best. Otherwise, you will suffer more.

“So I’m getting ready to start working again this weekend.”

You are trying to fix an old truck, but you need a new bumper and, most importantly, good winter tires.

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When asked what advice he would give other delivery drivers, Sánchez Rojas said not to defend himself. He realizes that things could have turned out much worse, they could have run him over.

“I’m glad I’m alive and I still have a job,” he said.

“Things like a van and products, I think we can work on it and get it back anyway.”

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