EDITORIAL: Trudeau gives Parliament two months off

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Here’s a scenario for you to ponder: A prime minister calls an election at a time when it’s not clear that it’s necessary. The electoral campaign takes a few weeks to develop. Then, on election night, the results are pretty much the same as they were before the election.

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The prime minister is still at work. Most of the members of Parliament who sought re-election regained their seats.

Well, here’s the question: When will the Parliament of Canada resume? When does the prime minister go back to doing his job? How long should things be on hold?

We bet a lot of people are scratching their heads at this question. You are probably wondering why there would be a breakdown.

No work to do? Are there priorities that need to be addressed? That is, after all, what they told us during the campaign. That’s why we even had the choice in the first place.

How many people would say that politicians should go back to work the next day? (After all, federal elections are always on Mondays.) A lot of people would probably say that.

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Politicians have a lot of time off, anyway.

Okay, let’s be generous here: let’s give them the whole week off. Because even though the election was on a Monday, they would have been working hard knocking on doors and meeting with voters for the entire weekend before and well into the night.

Sounds reasonable? A week off and then return early the following Monday.

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However, that is not what is happening. Hear this: Parliament will not return until November 22. That’s right. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t even bother to appoint his new post-election cabinet until October 26.

One month to choose a wardrobe. Two months for the deputies to go back to work.

“It is wrong that in the midst of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin Trudeau is waiting 63 days to return to work,” said Conservative House Leader Gerard Deltell. He is right.

If there hadn’t been an election, MPs would be hard at work on committees and doing other serious legislative work.

It’s surprising that Trudeau thinks this is an acceptable timeline for getting back to work.


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