Editorial | The test of Castile and Leon

The electoral campaign for the Autonomies of Castile and León initiates this week at the end of a pre-campaign in which the leaders of the political parties, especially the PP, have failed to convert these comics into one that can be found in them General elections within two years. The same will happen in the Andalusian elections, que n tienen aún fecha, pero se pueden también avanzar, y en todo caso se celebrarán este año. The PP claims that the two autonomous elections were convened in a revulsive move by Pablo Casado’s truck to the Moncloa, in a species of rehearsal of what was written in the Community of Madrid with the triune leader Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Without embarrassment, this strategy is top notch with two shortcomings. The first is that Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, the current president and candidate of the PP in Castile and Leon, is not Díaz Ayuso, and the second resident in which this time has been the general elections, The result depends on the good economic situation and the actions and mistakes of the governing coalition between the PSOE and the United Nations. He was astonished that the PP, past the Ayuso effect, was descending in the inquiries. The willingness to extrapolate These autonomous elections in the Spanish political arena have been tested in the controversy over macro-branches, in which the opposition parties have used the killings. the statements of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, al diario ‘The Guardian’.

These elections must respond to three questions: if the PP wins with holgura, if Vox enters for the first time in a Regional Government and if the candidacies of Spain Vaciada will result in an exit or a term. The CIS ‘question of ayer contradicts all the previous and a technical empathy between the PSOE and the PP, with a liga ventaja para los socialistas (30.8% y 25-34 escanños frente a 29.8% y 27-32). Vox carries the third force (9.3% and 4-8 buyers), with a large amount of crime from its only current score, but not in the most high-end watches for governing. Ciudadanos, expulsado del Gobierno actual, retrocedería has 7.9% and 2-5 deputies. In the rest of the polls, without embarrassment, the victory of the PP is on hold. Also in the prediction market Predi, a research project of the University of Zurich, which is updated daily in the web of EL PERIODICO, followed by the PP obtendría a holgada ventaja, with 35 scans; mientras que el PSOE lograría 27; Vox, 10 and Spain Vacation entered with 4 prosecutors. If the triumph of Mañueco is produced, the PP will have to decide to integrate Vox into the regional governor, as Santiago Abascal claimed. And that decision to try the Casado affirmations of which the PP does not form gobernos with the extreme derecha.


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