Editorial | Stability in the legislature

With a wide majority of 188 votes Compared to 159, the coalition government of the PSOE and United We can put forward the General State Budgets in Congress, which will now go to the Senate, where the will of the Executive is not to introduce amendments to approve them as quickly as possible. The importance of voting goes beyond Budgets because it practically means that the legislature may be exhausted. If a budget agreement is not reached next year, the accounts could always be extended in 2022.

The majority of 188 votes is the same with which the 2021 Budgets were approved, which means that the coalition government has not lost any partners this year. Maintains the same allies: ERC, PNV, EH Bildu, PDECat, Más País, Compromís, Regionalist Party of Cantabria, Nueva Canarias and Teruel Exists. There are 21 votes more than those obtained by Pedro Sánchez at his inauguration. The preservation of alliances provides a stability to the legislature that is very positive in order to still face the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic and the Economic recovery, in which the Government trusts, but whose growth expectations have been lowered by organizations such as the European Commission, the Bank of Spain and others. Continuity depends, more than on the possibilities of maintaining these alliances, on the capacity of the forces that make up the Executive to solve as they have done until now. internal crisis that they can appear, even when the electoral horizon approaches, and to continue avoiding the continuous appeals of the opposition – the last one, the ‘155 educational’ demanded by Casado – to undertake actions that could blow up the parliamentary majorities.

A fundamental piece for the approval has been the pact with ERC, which has negotiated its 13 votes all to achieve a 6% quota in the future audiovisual law for the co-official languages ​​(Catalan, Galician and Basque) on audiovisual platforms such as Netflix or HBO. In addition, another amendment approved at the last minute restores a fund, suppressed by the PP, of 10.5 million euros for audiovisual production in Catalan, Galician and Basque.

The ERC’s negotiating will It has thus managed to extract from the Government a quota that in a multilingual State such as Spanish should be taken for granted and that will be very favorable not only for languages, but also for the audiovisual industry in the three co-official languages. This agreement, plus the investments in Catalonia agreed upon, leaves Junts in a bad place, which has refused from the beginning to negotiate the Budgets and the only thing that its spokesperson, Míriam Nogueras, has done is to criticize ERC and PDECat for doing so, reproaching that they contribute to stability in Spain, explicitly relying on their intervention for destabilization with the viability of independence.

The Budgets, endorsed by the European Commission, represent a consolidated expenditure of 458,970 million, with the help of 27,633 million from European funds. The pension reform It is already on track with the ERC and PNV agreement, so that, once the Budgets have been approved, the Government only has to approve the labour reform before the end of the year. It is not a bad balance for a government that is in the minority in Congress with only 155 deputies out of 350.


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