The response from the United States and the OTAN to Russia’s demands for the foreseeable future should be taken seriously, even in the wake of the crisis. Although Moscow has clearly stated that it considers a hypothetical ingress of Ukraine at the Atlantic Alliance, an agreement on security, the decision of President Joe Biden to maintain in vigor the policy of open ports has conducive to what the Secretary General of the OTAN, Jens Stoltenberg, has been defined as a “critical moment”. But so are the conditions and arrangements planted by Russia with Biden’s response and the posterior reaction of Moscow, referring to the decisions that can be taken in the future Vladimir Putinit’s part of a game of naipes with the market cards and much to play.

There have been intermediate options on the wallpaper as well as to think that both parties are disposed to pursue an irreversible escalation. By proceeding in this form, it is relatively easy to predict the consequences of political, economic and security order, always decisive. And there are, in turn, very difficult to add any tangible benefit to any of those involved. From the applause of the Atlanticization of Ukraine to the greater time and occasion for the finalization of this country in acceptable conditions for its governors, pursuing an active nationalism less intense than the Russian, the game of grace is infinite that the reply to the message sent by Casa Blanca is to be hoped for only as a confirmation of the mutua necesidad de ganar tiempo al tiempo.

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It’s clear that hay emotional obstacles that fuel the crisis and it is valen for that the United States invokes the right of Ukraine to decide whether it wants to become a member of the OTAN, that in order for Russia to be allowed to have a historic date of honor for teenagers: the majority of Russian society does not conceive of Ukraine as a political and cultural space in its identity. Some historians have lamented the Russian border, the trauma that followed the USSR resolution, including the fragmentation of a political territory that engulfed Belarus and Ukraine. And the naturalness of Putin’s presidency, an autocrat at the end, is inseparable from the exploitation of this state of collective collectivity, a sustainable part of Russian spontaneous culture. There is a world of media here that suppresses the politics of emotions with the most maneuvers, implants and mobilization of effective people that prevent it.

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At the same time, United States are entitled to have a real unit of action in the branches of the OTAN. The powerful army disuasoria of the export of gas ruso in Germany Condition of the Government of the Government of Berlin, in the development phase; the pretense of France to have your own opinion –Emmanuel Macron would like to hold a video conference with Vladimir Putin– opera in ideological sense; the generalized crisis in energy markets alerts the economy to recovery phases that, among many other things, are precisely stable and contain inflation.

Nadie has nothing to gain from a radical failure. But it is not uncommon for an extreme article of complexity to have a balanced response to what can be gained, assimilation, and victory.

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