Editorial | In the hands of Xavi Hernández

The very scenery of the presentation of Xavi Hernández as Barça’s new coach already gives an idea of ​​the anxiety that a sports bet will triumph that comes after multiple and complicated negotiations. The return of Xavi has in favor his determined connection with what has come to be called Barça’s DNA. That is to say, following the path that goes from Johan Cruyff to Xavi, passing through Pep Guardiola, the solution of a former player who becomes the maximum technical manager, with the will to greening the now almost forgotten achievements sporty and with an attractive and winning style of play. When, in 2008, Guardiola took the reins of the team, the act was discreet, almost in privacy. Xavi’s arrival this Monday took place on the Camp Nou lawn with the grandstand full of fans who chanted his name, and with a “Welcome Back” as a backdrop for the coming-out of who has to captain the battered Culé ship.

Xavi Hernández, who stopped being a Barça player in 2015, has his locker room experience going for him and the field of play and also has an almost unique endorsement in the world of football: having been world champion and twice European champion with the Spanish team. A true myth of Barça that arrives with a meager backpack as a coach, just over two years in Qatar, after finishing his time as a midfielder in the emirate. Beyond the usual topics and the inherent symbolism of the return of a legend (with 8 leagues, 3 King’s Cups, 6 Super Cups, 3 Champions Cups, 2 European Super Cups and 2 Club World Cups), the words most used by the new coach They have been “order, norms and requirement & rdquor ;, in a project that must obtain results“ in the medium and long term & rdquor ;, but which also requires an immediate winning mentality. That is what the barcelonismo expects from Xavi, although it is evident that it comes at one of the most critical moments, at the institutional and football level, of the club. The one from Terrassa has declared that it is time to “row all in the same direction & rdquor ;, and Laporta has taken his chest out of his good relationship with the coach, although it is known that it was not among his preferences and that Xavi bet before on the candidate Víctor Font than for the president today.

After you’ve been tempted by the previous directive and having repeatedly sounded like a replacement on the bench, Xavi Hernández arrives with clear ideas, both in the sports aspect and in other no less important aspects, such as the requirement of professionals and adequate physical preparation, with alternatives of his confidence coming from the ‘staff’ that already accompanied him to Qatar.

Xavi’s signing is preceded by the controversy over the payment of the termination clause (5 million euros) to his previous team, Al Sadd, which Laporta has not wanted to specify how it was carried out, and for the amount that must be paid to Koeman for his settlement. Are 37 million in settlements and clauses to pay four coaches since the beginning of 2020, with the dismissal of Valverde. One more detail that tells us about the club’s erratic politics. Everything will be forgotten if Xavi ends up succeeding. If this day As Laporta has stated, it ends “marking the history of the & rdquor; club. The president and the fans put their future in the hands of the coach, but many things will be necessary, in addition to illusion, that do not depend on him: the board must make the right decisions in the necessary reconstruction of a template and some shaky accounts and, above all, arm yourself with patience, so that this project is that of a ‘triomfant’ Barça.


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