Editorial I Married is not the solution

From the moment he decided to close the file that he had opened 48 hours earlier to the president of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Casado cannot continue presiding one of the government parties in Spain. And not because a crowd outside the organic channels of the party asks for it. That decision invalidates him because he converts all his speech about the alleged irregularities of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the award of a purchase without public competition to his brother in nothing. The president’s explanations were nothing more than a string of accusations against the national leadership of the PP. At this point, she gave the impression that Casado was more concerned, ultimately, with keeping his team intact, especially saving the head of Teodoro García Egea, who in clarifying an alleged diversion of public funds. It is this suspicion and the fact that this whole matter has been moved more by a thirst for internal revenge than by a desire to comply with the law, which politically disqualifies Casado. But demanding that act of responsibility from the current president of the PP does not automatically mean becoming Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s clapper to take her place, especially for those of us who would neither gain nor lose anything by doing so. The grotesque demonstrations by militants and sympathizers of the Madrid president in front of the Genoa headquarters demonstrate what Ayuso is and means: populism and approach to the forms and policies of Vox. The GESOP survey we are publishing today confirms the strong setback of the PP since the previous barometer, carried out in July of last year, just two months after, precisely, the overwhelming victory of Ayuso in the elections to the Community of Madrid. Since then, the PP has been in free fall and is now 5.4 points and 25 seats behind the PSOE. Seven months ago, the socialist advantage was only 1.3 points and two seats and the PP had 5.4 points and 30 more deputies than now. The PSOE, in any case, is also going down, since since the previous barometer it has lost 1.3 points and seven seats.

But things can still get worse for the PP. The survey was carried out in the three days following the elections in Castilla y León and just one day before the outbreak of the monumental crisis between Casado and Díaz Ayuso. A crisis, broadcast live, that has fractured the party and that has been tried to end with the acquittal of Ayuso.

Everything indicates that the solution to this crisis can only be achieved through an extraordinary congress. Casado should summon him himself and not wait for the barons of the party to force him. It is evident that the poisonous match environment in Madrid is not the best for making the decisions that the formation needs. The PP is much more than its leaders in the capital and in the capital. There are barons with more baggage and better records than Casado and even Ayuso. Alberto Núñez Feijóo chains four absolute majorities in Galicia. Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla has managed to retain Ciudadanos in the Government of Andalusia without throwing himself into the arms of Vox. Ayuso can serve to win the elections in his community, and he has the right for the national leadership not to intervene, as long as it does the same, but he is neither the only nor possibly the best option to lead the party at this time. . The PP is a party with enough tradition and tradition not to become a crutch for Vox. For it must fight corruption and take back unity.

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