Editorial | Consensus on the path of normality

Before the end of the year, ERC, Junts per Catalunya and the PSC have reached an agreement for the renewal of the heads of various Catalan self-government bodies: the Sindicatura de Greuges (Esther Giménez-Salinas), the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (Rosa Romà), the Catalan Audiovisual Council (Xevi Xirgo) and the Catalan Data Protection Authority (Meritxell Borràs), in addition to the renewal of the Audit Office (with Miquel Salazar as Síndic Major) and the Council of Statutory Guarantees.

It is good news that the three majority parties in the chamber (and the two that make up the Government) have achieved a pact. It is more so in Catalonia, where until not long ago an agreement between an independentist formation and the PSC was perceived almost as a betrayal is not very clear to whom or to what. The breakdown of the blocks (which has also occurred in the Budgets with the support of the ‘commons’ for the accounts) is one of the most hopeful green shoots left by Catalan politics in 2021.

As it happens in pacts of this nature, consensus is reached by accepting appointments which are sometimes not easy dishes to digest. But the exercise of responsibility must weigh when it comes to institutional bodies, even if it implies that the alignment of appointments is uneven and, in some cases, debatable. The renewal of the organs and the breakdown of the blocks compensate for these legitimate buts. These appointments are a step towards the recovery of political normality.


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