Editorial | Budgets on track

The decision of ERC and the PNV not to present an amendment to the totality of the General State Budgets (PGE) puts the final approval of the accounts on track, which would ensure Pedro Sánchez will exhaust the legislature. The agreements reached ‘in extremis’ with ERC and PNV they are minimal and the only thing they facilitate is the first budget process. Both formations do not consider the PGE approved and insist that the real negotiation starts now because there are several folders in social and economic areas pending future conversations.

As well as In the case of the PNV, the fundamental thing has been to start the Government with the commitment to transfer the entire management of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) – in fact, the ratification of an unfulfilled pact reached in May 2020 – in the negotiation with ERC the decisive point has been the establishment in the future law audiovisual of quotas to protect co-official languages on large platforms, as they are already expected to exist for Spanish.

Thus, Esquerra ensures the quotas and their essential participation for the law to go forward. However, the PSOE spokesmen do not pronounce the word “quotas & rdquor; and they say they prefer a global amount of aid. As with the labor reform, the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, It is pointed out as an opponent, in this case of the quotas, because they could be a brake on the investments of the audiovisual platforms. Rufián, in any case, has sentenced that either there will be quotas or there will be no law.

Either way, that co-official languages ​​are protected with a percentage (up to 7% of the total 15% reserved for all official languages) is a reasonable demand in a multilingual State such as Spanish and ERC has acted with skill and opportunity by raising the issue as a condition for approving the PGE. This approach differentiates the Republican party from the other independence group, Junts per Catalunya, which also uses the audiovisual law to amend all the accounts, but without obtaining any counterpart. ERC has also obtained the transfer of scholarships worth 18 million of euros pending for a decade and the management of the IMV, two issues that are non-compliance with the previous Budgets that Esquerra has already approved.

Precisely from non-compliance in budget execution –In Catalonia, much less is always executed than budgeted– the negotiations that will be opened now until the definitive approval of the PGE will be dealt with. Despite this, we must hope that in the end an agreement will be reached with ERC, because Failure to do so would mean the defeat of the Budgets and they could blow up the legislature, the dialogue table with the Government and, what is no less important, the possibility of adjusting the State accounts to the needs derived from the management of European funds, from reconstruction policies. economic and the ensuing energy and supply crisis. Faced with this scenario, all the conditions interposed to say yes to the Budgets –or to defend that vote before the parish itself– become matters of relative importance. Neither Sánchez nor ERC are interested in that outcome, which would call into question the entire strategy of the PSOE and Esquerra and end the climate of dialogue initiated between the Government and the Generalitat.


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