One of the most common accesses to the internet is through a browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox from a device connected to the network and then do a search or type in a particular address. The selection of the browser depends on the preferences of each person and the device they are using, but among all the options there is one that has an ecological vocation: Ecosia.

What is Ecosia?

Scotland is an internet search engine, also known as an internet browser. Like its competitors, it generates income by selling part of its spaces to advertisers. The profits you make are used to plant trees in different parts of the world.

Another feature that distinguishes it is that it does not save browsing data of its users (cache, browsing history). That is, browsing is private and Ecosia does not have information about the sites that a person visited and therefore does not sell said data to advertisers to profile the target. Everything a person does in Ecosia is encrypted.

Anyone who uses the internet can contribute to the cause. Just add the Ecosia extension to Google Chrome to the toolbar or select Ecosia as your default search engine. In addition, in each search it is possible to see the count of the queries you have made and how many are left for plant a tree.

Rise of Ecosia

Ecosia is defined as a social business, whose function is to collaborate in having a better planet. They do it by planting trees, giving jobs to people from marginalized communities. To date they have planted approximately 140 million.

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In 2009 and Germany, the site came up the idea was from Christian Kroll after having traveled internationally and learning about the serious problem of deforestation in ecological, social and economic matters. Between 2009 and 2011 Ecosia won several recognitions, among them due to the rapid growth it had in Europe.

I work around the world

According to the information published by Ecosia, they work with local organizations in more than 30 nations; among them: Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Spain and Burkina Faso. In each zone, they grow approximately 500 tree species, typical of each region, relying on communities to empower them.

In order to be consistent, Ecosia’s offices in Berlin use electrical energy generated by solar panels.

The Ecosia team

The people who work for Ecosia are multiculturalSome work in Germany and others outside of it; They come from countries as diverse as Poland, Bulgaria or Mexico. Justly Tania Mercado She is the Mexican in charge of the Human Resources area.

Despite being a German company, the language in which the team communicates is English and as part of their benefits, they have German classes.

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