The economist José María Gay de Liébana has died at the age of 68. The economist is one of the best known faces of the Spanish economy. He has spent years trying to bring the matter closer to the general public, something for which he took advantage of his loquacity, sympathy and his particular way of telling things.

Close, attentive and affectionate, it was rare that Gay de Liébana did not try to help journalists to make economic issues more understandable. Of course, with his style somewhat overrun when speaking, but that did not prevent him from giving brilliant and consistent explanations on the matter.

Gay de Liébana was a Doctor in Economics and Law, professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the University of Barcelona.

He argued that it was important for the university world to approach the media so that people could understand the economy. Not only that, but also because he considered that in this way the financial knowledge of citizens could be amplified. One of his great obsessions.

His opinions did not leave anyone indifferent, and he never refused to get into controversial issues. He has shown it in his constant public participation in media such as La Sexta, La Vanguardia, Cope or TV3.

He was so mediatic that Santiago Segura called him to make a cameo in one of Torrente’s films.

One of his great passions was soccer. Fan of Spanish of Barcelona, ​​analyzed each year the accounts of the main football clubs. In fact, he is the author of a book titled The great soccer bubble: the business models hidden by the most important sport in the world.

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