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Sickness benefits, personal care benefits and the Canadian Recovery Benefit (CRB) will be extended in terms of the duration of each, which means that Canadians will be able to access financial aid for an even longer period of time.

The total cost of the extension of these benefits will be 12.1 billion dollars, as confirmed by the government.

“To begin with, we are extending the Canadian Recovery Benefit and Canada Recovery Benefit for Caregivers for 12 more weeks. This brings the new maximum that can be requested to 38 weeks in total, “Trudeau said at a news conference.

Trudeau added that the government is also increasing the availability of EI to 50 weeks in total, which means that an additional 24 weeks can be claimed and that the sickness recovery benefit of $ 500 a week is receiving an update, going from covering two weeks of absence from work to a new total of four weeks.

“No one should go to work sick right now. It’s that simple, ”Trudeau said.

Prior to this change, both the CRB and the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) were only available for a total of 26 weeks. The new announcement will allow people to access an additional 12 weeks of either benefit, which offers recipients $ 500 a week each.

The CRB is available to anyone who is not eligible for EI but has stopped working or had their income reduced by at least 50% due to COVID-19.

The CRCB, for its part, is granted per household and covers those who cannot work at least half of the week because they have to take care of their children or a relative due to the closure of schools or long-term care centers. It also covers those who have to stay home with sick children or relatives, or who are in quarantine.

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The sickness benefit covers those who have to stay home for at least half the week because they have been infected with COVID-19 or are self-isolating for reasons related to COVID-19.

“If you need help while looking for work, or if you have to stay home to take care of your family, these benefits will continue to be available to you,” Trudeau said.

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