Ecology: Canada champion in the preservation of its coastal areas

Canada is the great champion of the preservation of coastal regions with its large expanses, according to a recent study.

The study conducted by an international team of environmental scientists tends to show that in 2013 only 15.5% of coastal areas in the world were still intact from an ecological point of view.

Of the countries that have a stretch of coastline (Canada, Russia, Greenland, Chile, Australia, and the United States), Canada would have the one that would have remained the most intact.

To arrive at these results, the researchers merged the terrestrial and marine impact maps in order to make an overall assessment of the situation. This procedure is a first, whereas previous studies were based only on one of the two types of impact. Scientists believe that by evaluating them together, a more holistic view of the situation is obtained.

“We observed that intact coastal areas are already relatively rare, based on the most recent data from 10 years ago,” said Benjamin Halpern, co-author of the study and director of the National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesisin California in the United States.

However, the study revealed that in the majority of countries, more than 50% of coastal areas are damaged.

Mr. Halpern also points out that even in the regions of the Far North, where the coasts are still intact, there is a risk. “Climate change is rapidly melting sea ice and opening new coastal areas to development, resource use and environmental damage,” he explained, recalling that we must act quickly to protect these last remaining spaces. intact.

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