Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid, goodbye to two years of love

This 2021 has not been generous with Hadid brothers a love level. Yes Tooth parted with Zayn Malik, after the accusations of aggression by the model’s mother towards the singer, of the sentimental life of her sister, Bella, nothing is known, and now it turns out that the little brother, Anwar, 22 years old, and of course, also a model, the year is not going to end well either, as he seems to have separated from his girlfriend, the singer Dua Lipa, of 26.

As confirmed by ‘The Sun’ through sources, the singer and the model have broken up. The cause has been the workload of the two and the distance that often separates them, due to their respective professional commitments. “‘The couple proposed to put a stop to their romance last month, since it was taking so much travel and time apart. The relationship is going through a crisis and seems to be in ruins,” explains the newspaper.

The two young men began to frequent the summer 2019, during a concert in London. Since then, they have been inseparable for two years. The two have liked to upload photos of their moments as a couple through their respective social networks.

For this reason, it should be noted that the two published their last photos together last Halloween, caramelized, and in the company of some friends.

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Thanks to his ‘post’ we were able to attend his love story. When they moved to New York, they would swap clothes, or get ready together. Now he is still in the city of skyscrapers, while she prepares her new album between Los Angeles and London.


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