Drowning in Repentigny: neighbors tried to save the child

If the five-year-old child found lifeless on Sunday afternoon in a swimming pool in Repentigny, in Lanaudière, comes out alive, he will owe his life to the composure of two neighbors who did not hesitate to jump to water to try to fish it out.

The two men told TVA Nouvelles the chilling story of the incident.

“We heard voices screaming. It was screaming loud, it was talking loud […] I jumped and the fourth time I went down, I found it,” explained Marcel Tousignant, one of the courageous neighbours.

“I jump into the pool, I go to the bottom. I’m moving my arms to try to see if I can touch a child, but the only thing I found were rocks and toys,” said Joe Pereira.

“Finally, it was my neighbor who was able to get him out. He was in the middle, on the deep side. He was holding the child’s hand. At that time, one of the policemen jumped into the water to help him get the child out,” he added.

Authorities say the five-year-old boy is still in critical condition.


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