Driver’s license exchange: the deadline is approaching! Who has to exchange the old “rag” now?

Turn old into new: Millions of drivers license holders have to part with their old “rags” and apply for a new driver’s license. Important deadlines end in a few months. This is what drivers have to pay attention to!

By 2033, millions of driver’s licenses will have to be exchanged to make them more forgery-proof.
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Drivers take note: all those who own one Driver’s license have to apply for a new driver’s license in the coming years. The old “rags” will be a thing of the past by the year 2033, when new driving licenses are required across the EU, which make counterfeiting more difficult and are uniform across national borders. The new driver’s license documents are also stored in a database, according to EU regulations, in order to prevent misuse of the documents.

Driving license exchange has started: Which deadlines apply to whom?

In order to avoid chaos on the authorities, a schedule was drawn up that linked the exchange of driver’s licenses with certain deadlines. In the first phase, the exchange dates are staggered according to the year of birth of the owner. Only in later steps is the date of issue of the driver’s license decisive when the exchange deadline is reached.

Deadline January 19th, 2022! The deadline for exchanging driving licenses is approaching

The first stage of the mass exchange, which affects millions of driver’s licenses in Germany, is already in full swing. Drivers born between 1953 and 1958 must have their old driver’s license exchanged for a new document by January 19, 2022. The reference date January 19, 2023 will then be relevant for those born between 1959 and 1964, before those born between 1965 and 1970 have to have their old driver’s licenses exchanged by January 19, 2024. All those born after 1971 have until January 19, 2025 to exchange their driver’s license, those born before 1953 can take their time to apply for a new license until January 19, 2033 at the latest.

All deadlines and deadlines at a glance: When do I have to exchange my driver’s license?

People to whom these deadlines do not apply must refer to the issue dates of their driving licenses for the exchange campaign. The following deadlines must be observed for the exchange of card driving licenses issued after 01.01.1999:

date of issue Exchange period ends on
1999 – 2001 19.01.2026
2002 – 2004 19.01.2027
2005 – 2007 19.01.2028
2008 19.01.2029
2009 19.01.2030
2010 19.01.2031
2011 19.01.2032
2012 – 18.01.2013 19.01.2033

If you do not want to wait until it is his or her year of birth “turn”, you can apply for a new driver’s license before the deadline has expired. According to ADAC recommendations, this is even advisable so that deadlines are not missed and there is enough time for the new papers to be issued.

Re-apply for a driver’s license: what does it cost? What do I have to bring?

In order to apply for a new driver’s license to replace old documents, a current passport photo, current driver’s license and ID card or passport must be presented to the issuing authority. The new cloth costs around 25 euros. What drivers are spared, however, are repeated exams to get a new driver’s license.

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