Dozens of cats, kittens rescued from ‘extremely unsanitary’ BC home littered with feces

The BC SPCA has rescued dozens of cats and kittens from a Surrey home where they were allegedly subjected to “extremely unsanitary” conditions.

The animal welfare organization said officers seized 60 animals – mostly felines, along with one injured ewe – from a property in the city’s Cloverdale area between Friday and Saturday.

The cats had been abandoned inside the home, and were suffering from a variety of medical issues such as “upper respiratory infection, bloody diarrhea, limping, dehydration and emaciation,” the SPCA’s Eileen Drever said in a news release.

“There was no water visible, and the cats immediately crowded around the bowls of water and food our officers put down,” Drever said.

“All of the cats were triaged and assessed at our facilities in Surrey and Chilliwack and will receive ongoing care until they are well enough to be put up for adoption.”

The BC SPCA is caring for 59 cats and kittens rescued from a home in Surrey’s Cloversdale area on May 13 and 14. (Handout)

Authorities said the home was so cluttered with garbage and debris that it was difficult for officers to move around. The floors were also littered with feces, and the furniture and carpets were soiled with urine, according to the SPCA.

The ewe was found in the backyard, where it was allegedly surrounded by strewn garbage, broken glass and wires.

The SPCA also found one injured ewe at the property. The animal was found in the backyard, where it was allegedly surrounded by garbage, broken glass and wire. (Handout)

Drever said the sudden influx of animals will put “enormous strain” on shelter resources, and asked the public to help donate to their care through the SPCA website.

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