Dozens gather at Halifax climate rally

About two dozen people gathered outside Halifax City Hall Wednesday for a climate-change rally.

The group says it’s urging Halifax Regional Council to keep climate change top of mind while putting together this year’s municipal budget.

“It feels right now like it’s hard to find the money, it will only get harder,” said Sadie Quinn, an organizer of the School Strike 4 Climate Change Halifax.

“These past few months, we’ve seen more extreme weather and a lot of Nova Scotians have been really dissatisfied with power outages and other issues, so those issues are only going to become more frequent and more severe as climate change gets worse.”

The group says it’s concerned the COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined a promise made in 2020 to make the Halifax Regional Municipality a net-zero city by the year 2050.

According to HRM’s website, spending $240 million in addition to measures in one year could avoid $1.44 billion in future costs associated with climate impacts.

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