The mayor of Audincourt, in the Doubs, has no ” no doubt “ : “The vaccination center was targeted”. The town lodged a complaint on Monday, July 19, after the cut-off of the power supply circuit breakers which affected, on Sunday, its vaccination center against Covid-19 and its emergency generator.

“We realized on Sunday that there was a blackout and that our generator, which can take over in the event of a breakdown, was also down, which triggered an alarm”, explained the mayor, Martial Bourquin. “Our services went to the site, there were four circuit breakers cut and the main power circuit breaker was also cut”, he detailed, evoking “Unacceptable and unspeakable acts”.

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3,500 doses of vaccine to be verified

The power cut lasted “Between an hour and an hour and a half”. Inside the center, “Approximately 3,500 doses” of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were stored in refrigerators. “We have put aside these doses to have them analyzed by the central pharmacy of the hospital, which will tell us if they have been affected”, said the mayor.

According to the elected official, the national police carried out fingerprint and DNA surveys on the spot. Video surveillance extracts must also be used. “We have taken security measures, all the electrical installation that was outside will now be inside, it will no longer be possible to hack the installation”, underlined Martial Bourquin.

The Audincourt vaccination center spreads over the south of the Montbéliard agglomeration, ie an urban area of ​​approximately 70,000 inhabitants. He resumed an activity “Normal” Monday morning, “With other doses”, according to Mr. Bourquin.

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Several rampages in a weekend of demonstrations

Over the weekend of July 16 to 18, two other Covid-19 vaccination centers were ransacked in France. In Lans-en-Vercors, in the department of Isère, a building has been tagged; damaged furniture, syringes and compresses.

A municipal employee cleans the tent of the Urrugne vaccination center, which burned down over the weekend.

In the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the marquee hosting the Covid-19 vaccination center in the town of Urrugne was the subject of an arson overnight from Saturday to Sunday. These acts of vandalism occur while nearly 114,000 people marched in France on Saturday, according to the Ministry of the Interior, against vaccination and the health pass.

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