Double salvation and the entrance of the VIPS, tonight in ‘Secret Story: the night of the secrets’

Telecinco broadcasts tonight, at 10:00 p.m., a new installment of ‘Secret Story. The night of secrets’. On this occasion, The salvation of two of the four nominees -Adrián, Álvaro, Colchero and Rafa- and the entrance to the house of three new celebrities -Tom Brusse, Víctor Sandoval and a third person whose identity will be revealed during the night- will focus much of the attention of the ninth installment.

These three inhabitants, known by the audience, will make up the ‘elite body’ of the reality showwhich will aim to accompany the contestants of ‘Secret Story’ in the final stretch of the program until their finalists are designated.

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In addition, the game of secrets will have a new confrontation: Adrián has activated the button because he thinks he knows Rafa’s secret, so that both will star in a face to face. A game will also be played to assign Carmen’s sphere after her departure for disciplinary reasons and it will be announced who will receive the spheres of the last expelled, Laila, as an inheritance.

Finally, the weekly test will be solved, in which they have had to make international calls to get the interlocutors to pronounce an emblematic phrase of Belén Esteban. The evening, which will address the last hour of coexistence after the entry of Sara, a new participant, will feature interventions by Nagore Robles, Miguel Frigenti¸ Cristina Porta, Jorge Pérez, Maestro Joao, former contestants Nissy, Carmen, Virginia and Laila, and family and friends of the nominees.

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