Dos Bocas refinery catapults Tabasco under construction

The commitment of the government headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the south-southeast of the country is already materializing in the construction sector of this region, particularly in the state of Tabasco.

While at the national level this industry is not recovering from the negative effects of Covid-19 or from the lack of federal resources in the rest of Mexico, the entities of Tabasco, Oaxaca and Chiapas exceeded pre-pandemic levels and are at the peak of growth in its production value.

One of the flagship works of the current federal administration is the Dos Bocas Refinery (an investment of almost 9,000 million dollars), whose allocated public resources, plus the state ones, are reflected in the construction value of Tabasco, which, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), amounted to 15,818 million pesos in the first eight months of this year.

This figure meant for the state to be in third place in the country in terms of production in this sector, behind Nuevo León (21,856 million pesos) and the State of Mexico (19,707 million). It is the first time, according to the updated Inegi database, that it occupies the podium; for example, in 2006 it was positioned at step 13.

In addition, the oil state registered the highest growth in the country compared to the accumulated January-August 2020, with a real rate of 248.4%. In fact, only 13 entities showed increases in their production in the construction industry, despite the low comparison base last year due to the pandemic, causing the national total to fall 3.5% in the period of analysis.

It stands out that behind Tabasco were Oaxaca (rise of 108.2%) and Chiapas (51.1%), entities also benefited by the flagship projects of the López Obrador government, which are the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Mayan Train, respectively. to which is added the road works and the contribution of the state administrations.

To the above, it is added that if compared to the first eight months of 2019, prior to the health contingency, Tabasco was also first place with a growth of 249.5% in real terms, that is, it showed the greatest recovery dynamism after the pandemic .

It is important to note that only six entities managed to exceed the pre-pandemic levels of production in the construction sector: Tabasco, Oaxaca (121.9%), Chiapas (26.9%), Nayarit (23.0%), Nuevo León (5.0%) and Sinaloa (4.0%). ); the variation of the total for Mexico was negative: -23.3 percent.

By contracting sector

The federal government’s commitment to Tabasco and the plan to reactivate state management that has construction as its axis, are reflected in the value of this economic activity by contracting sector.

Of the 15,818 million pesos generated in Tabasco, 90.5% corresponds to the public sector and 9.5% to the private sector.

In public works, the entity with an oil vocation was located at the top with a construction value of 14,313 million pesos in the period January-August 2021, while by real annual growth rate, it obtained the second highest, with 277.7 %, behind Oaxaca (395.1 percent).

At the national level, the public sector increased 0.8%; and only 11 states exhibited positive variations.

Regarding the accumulated between January and August 2019, Tabasco achieved the first position, with a real rise of 415.3% (eight entities presented increases); the national total was 14.6% below the production of two years ago.

In private work, with an amount of 1,505 million pesos, it occupied step 19, where the leader is Nuevo León with 19,100 million. Although against the 2020 figure it was the state with the highest growth (100.5%), compared to 2019 production it is 13.9% below the value.

The contribution

The incidence of the Dos Bocas Refinery in Tabasco is also manifested in the contribution of the types of construction work.

Of the 15,818 million pesos generated in the entity, 66.5% went to oil and petrochemicals, a section that showed increases of 284.0% compared to the first eight months of 2020 and 878.8% compared to the same period of 2019.

Investment priorities

This trend of favoring the south-southeast would be replicated next. It should be remembered that the entities most benefited by the investment works registered in the Federation Expenditure Budget Project (PPEF) 2022 are Veracruz, State of Mexico, Oaxaca and Tabasco.

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