Doritos makes a donation of 2 million pesos to concert technicians

Mass shows suffered a big drop in 2020 since the Covid-19 pandemic forced to take restrictions and these events were canceled, with them, hundreds of people who work in the production of shows began an obstacle course to keep themselves and their families safe, in addition to not having a secure income from this activity.

To support the entire production team behind the live concerts, the brand DoritosWith a longstanding and constant commitment to shows and the arts, especially music, he developed an audiovisual project that involved and required the skillful work of the members of the show production crew in Mexico.

With his initiative, which was accompanied by a donation of 2.5 million pesos, “Va por el crew”, Doritos organized a virtual concert with free access and for all audiences through the JoyApp application on December 16, and in addition to the musical offer exclusive gifts were offered to the audience registering purchases of Doritos.

Difficult times for the crew

Despite the fact that many live musical events have already returned to a medium normality, there are many gaps left by the current health crisis, since it is estimated that the pandemic left at least 61,000 people unemployed who work in montage, audio, lighting and Filming of concerts, not counting the hundreds of security and promotion people who help in the organization, the success and that the assistants are safe in these events.

“Va Por El Crew” is the movement of Mexican musicians that was one of the first projects with the fundraising initiative during the pandemic, led by artistic talents of high recognition and sympathy among the Mexican public such as León Larregui and Meme del Rea.

In an interview with The Economist Eduardo Córdoba, Sr. Marketing Director Doritos & Tostitos PepsiCo Alimentos MéxicoHe mentioned that “at least 30% of the technicians behind the musical events have managed to recover their source of income after the pandemic. For this reason, we decided to join the Va Por El Crew team, who look out for the workers of the industry, especially those behind each stage or festival that we enjoy so much: the technical team. It is time for the brands to give back to the team that has given so much to us and to the public ”, expressed Eduardo Córdoba.

This virtual concert accompanies a series of actions in favor of the musical movement in our country during the last decade with the participation and sponsorship of Doritos in events such as the Crown Capital, which was recently able to host a massive live event with the restrictions inherited by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to this support, the brand made an alliance during 2020 with the AVU Diversión Para Personas Elderly IAP foundation, with which it held three virtual concerts called “Alive Sessions”, as part of its Alive platform, with which it seeks to provide new spaces stop the music. The objective of this initiative was to raise funds to support older people who were in a vulnerable situation during confinement, bringing them more than 97,000 meals, educational kits and hygiene and protection items directly to their homes.

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