Don’t vote for “small parties,” says O’Toole

Three days before the election, the leader of the Conservatives Erin O’Toole refuses to speak of “strategic voting”, but at the same time, he urges Canadians not to vote “for small parties”.

Voting for them is like voting for the Liberal leader Justin trudeau, he said Friday morning in a vineyard in London, Ontario. It is in this province that Mr. O’Toole plans to focus his last campaign efforts. It currently holds 35 seats.

“Justin Trudeau wants you to stay home on election day,” says O’Toole. He wants you to vote for the smaller parties, he wants you to let him get away with it. “

What are these “small parties”? The chief did not want to say their names: “they do not need publicity”.

Does he fear that the People’s Party of Canada from Maxime Bernier, which is experiencing a revival in Ontario, does it chomp on votes?

Avoid answering, Mr. O’Toole reiterated that he is the only leader who can replace the Liberals.

There are only two choices in this election: “me, or more Justin Trudeau”. All the other votes are effectively a vote for the Liberal Party, insists the leader of the Conservatives.

He urges Canadians who want “change” to vote Conservative, reminding them, as he has been doing for several days, that the Liberal leader broke his promises by triggering an election amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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