Domestic violence: the bracelet is not enough for a repeat offender for his freedom

A repeat domestic violence offender failed to obtain his release during the proceedings despite his request to wear the anti-reconciliation bracelet, the judge considering that the condition was not sufficient to ensure the safety of the woman.

Set up by Bill 24 last March, it is in Quebec that the project to deploy the anti-reconciliation bracelet system was first introduced before being extended to the entire province in 2023. Now a first defendant from the courthouse was requesting release during the proceedings by offering to wear an anti-reconciliation bracelet.

In a relationship with a lady for several years, Pierre-André Doré has accumulated convictions over the years. No less than seven offenses are related to domestic violence against his ex-spouse, not to mention two additional charges for crimes committed against a first spouse.

Conditions of release

The 58-year-old was found guilty of multiple assaults and threats, harassment and obstruction, but also regularly breached his bail conditions. It was a breach of an order not to contact his ex-spouse that brought him back to prison.

The latter would have first met her by chance at a family chalet, but he would then have gone to her home to ask her relatives if she had a new spouse. “That, in my opinion, is worrying,” said judge Marie-Claude Gilbert.

Aggressive and unpredictable

The numerous recurrences caused the victim to lose faith in justice; however, she said she was ready to participate in the anti-reconciliation bracelet program just like the accused.

The judge noted that the accused “had the easy threat”, that he was aggressive and unpredictable, especially when he consumed.

“If I released this person, I believe that society in general would lose confidence in justice,” she argued to order Doré’s imprisonment during the proceedings despite the guarantee of the bracelet.

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