Domaine Floribell: campers await answers

The relationship seems tense between the campers and the owner of Domaine Floribell, in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, in Mauricie, since rumors suggest that there will be no 2022 season at the campground.

Some seasonal workers therefore refuse to pay for their space for the summer.

It was one of the campers who informed VAT News concerns shared by a few dozen of them. They fear that Domaine Floribell will not be able to operate the campground this summer.

A builder claimed $1.2 million from the owner, Lyne Sénécal-Chartier, for work that was not paid for by her, according to a document from the Superior Court of Quebec.

To repair the damage, the entrepreneur has four options, including having himself declared the owner of the establishment or asking the court to authorize the sale by a bailiff or notary.

“Let’s say he wants a million, then the building was sold for $500,000, so there’s still $500,000 to raise. The borrower becomes personally liable for the balance that remains to be paid,” said the authorized insolvency trustee of Roy Métvier Roberge, Éric Métivier, in the case of a sale under judicial authority.

Domaine Floribell could lose its two sectors of activity, including camping. There are still a multitude of factors that will determine what will happen next for the company.

“If the two sectors of activity constitute two divisions of operations within the same company, the debts of this company then apply as much in division one as division two”, added Mr. Métivier.

The campers have maintained that their concern is justified, although email exchanges with the Domaine Floribell team assure them that the rumors are false.

In another message sent to campers, they are asked to make payment for the 2022 season which is fast approaching. Despite this, some are hesitant.

“We don’t know what will really happen with our money,” confided one of the campers, Stéphane Robichaud.

“There are a lot of people who want to wait to see what’s really going to be before donating money. I made the deposit of $700 for the winter, but if ever something happens and the season doesn’t go away, what will happen,” he wondered.

The team reminded the campers that the company has payment obligations, in addition to having invested several thousand dollars for electricity services.

A lawyer representing the owner sent a letter to the campers on March 8, stipulating that the contract is still in effect and that they must respect it to guarantee their place.

After several attempts, Ms. Sénécal-Chartier declined all interview requests from VAT News and does not wish to comment on the file.

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