Mediaset shuffles the possibility of recovering the direct for the mornings of Four. The communication group values ​​a new current affairs space for the morning slot of its second channel, which would be presented by Miguel Angel Oliveras known in exclusive YOTELE.

The return of the journalist to television would be, neither more nor less, than to try to assault the throne of the morning gatherings in which he reigns Anthony Garcia Ferreras in laSexta. If this plan were carried out, he would do so just eight months after ceasing to be the head of communication for the Government of Pedro Sancheza position he held for three years.

The former Secretary of State for Communication until he was dismissed on July 21, 2021In this way, he would resume his work as an informer in the company in which he had been working until he entered the executive.

According to the information to which this portal has had exclusive access, the new space would be Produced by Mandarinan audiovisual company owned by Mediaset, which was already in charge of ‘The mornings of Four’the previous political debate that was broadcast in the morning slot.

However, everything seems to indicate that Mediaset intends to start this project with some caution. This portal has been able to know that the directors’ plans are to premiere it in the final stretch of the morningalready almost at the desktop, around 2:00 p.m.

The objective would be to be able to test its effectiveness with a reduced format and evaluate with its first results the possibility of extending its duration to the entire morning slot.

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At the moment, the exact date of its premiere is unknown. If you finally get the green light, it is expected to be in the next few weeks. Currently, Cuatro broadcasts repetitions of ‘First dates coffee’with Jesús Vázquez, after all the unpublished chapters have been exhausted.

With this new project, the second Mediaset channel would try to revive a strip that has remained sunken since the disappearance of ‘Las Mañanas de Cuatro’. The politics and current affairs space was presented by Jesús Cintora between 2013 and 2015, the year in which he was dismissed. The format then passed into the hands of Javier Ruiz, who remained in charge of the space until was canceled in 2018 despite its large audiences.

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