Does getting vaccinated with two drugs cause more side effects?

No. As the nurse explains Pepi Estany, coordinator of the Vaccine Group of the Association of Family and Community Nursing of Catalonia (Aificc), “The effects of the third dose of the covid-19 vaccine are not greater than those of the second.” “There are studies that say that the booster dose does not cause more effects,” he explains to this newspaper.

Estany says that, in addition, it has not been proven that the coadministración of both vaccines (the covid-19 and the flu) cause more symptoms. There are other countries that have done the co-administration and it comes to us that there are no more side effects “, certifies.

The nurse remembers that babies they are put up to seven vaccinations in the same visit. “And that we put them together does not mean that there are more side effects. However, if we do it separately, we will have two days of side effects,” he says.

The same says the immunologist and researcher of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) Matilde Cañelles: “I would not expect more side effects. Children are given MMR and they have no more effects,” he says.

Even so, the nurses, who are the ones who vaccinate, assume that there will be people who will have fear of side effects and that they will ask for both vaccines separately. “But having one date is not the same as two,” Estany recalls.

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