Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?

Open the Box: Does Dave Portnoy Own High Noon?

In the realm of soft drinks, High Noon hard seltzer has created quite a buzz, capturing many people’s taste buds with its unique blend of vodka and real juice.

But wait a minute: Does Dave Portnoy, sports media mogul and chairman of Barstool Sports, own High Noon?

Let’s embark on a journey to discover Dave Portnoy’s connections to this effervescent sensation, exploring the realms of media partnerships, unique collaborations, and the distinct flavor profile that sets High Noon apart.

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Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?

Sipping the Story of High Noon: The Magic of Vodka and Real Juice

High Noon isn’t your typical hard seltzer — it’s a concoction that marries vodka and real juice, resulting in flavors like black cherry, grapefruit, and pineapple.

The marriage of these two elements results in a refreshing drink that stands out in the ever-expanding seltzer category.

With no added sugar and no gluten, High Noon has become synonymous with a tasty, guilt-free sip.

Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: the connection between Dave Portnoy and High Noon. As president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy is an influential figure in the sports media landscape.

Barstool Sports, a leading sports media company with 66 million monthly unique users, has become a cultural phenomenon, and Dave Portnoy, along with CEO Erika Nardini, have played a central role in its success.

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Beyond the confines of sports commentary, Dave Portnoy has ventured into unique collaborations, and one of those collaborations involves High Noon and Barstool Sports.

This media partnership adds a new dimension to both entities, creating a synergy that goes beyond conventional advertising.

High Noon’s distinctive approach to marketing through Barstool Sports’ flagship programs has garnered attention and increased visibility for the seltzer brand.

Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?Does Dave Portnoy own High Noon?

Collaboration is not just a business endeavor; it’s a personal endorsement.

Through Barstool Sports programs, Dave Portnoy not only introduced High Noon, but personally supported and championed the brand. This personal touch adds authenticity to the relationship, making it more than just a sponsorship deal.

When you see Dave Portnoy enjoying High Noon’s content on Barstool Sports, you know it’s more than a scripted promotion – it’s a real preference.

Beyond the Can: Gallo Winery and Britt West

We need to mention the forces behind High Noon to fully unravel the story.

The brand is not solely in the hands of Dave Portnoy. High Noon is a product of Gallo Winery, a well-established player in the spirits industry.

Additionally, Britt West, a key figure associated with Gallo Winery, adds her touch to the success of High Noon. Understanding these players provides a holistic view of the collaboration and the hands that make this popular hard seltzer.

Shutting the Lid: The Dave Portnoy and High Noon Verdict

So, does Dave Portnoy own High Noon? In terms of direct ownership, no, but its influence and support plays an important role in the success of the brand.

High Noon, in collaboration with Barstool Sports and thanks to the media prowess of Dave Portnoy, has become more than just a drink: it’s a cultural phenomenon.

The unique blend of vodka and real juice, strategic media partnership, and the personal touch of Dave Portnoy himself have made High Noon a seltzer brand that goes beyond the can. So the next time you open a High Noon, savor not only the flavors but also the history.


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