Kyouka Ramen, 2222 Queen St. E.

“This is a hidden gem, they have a nice clean broth.” – Mitch

Ikkousha Ramen, 249 Queen St. W.

“Go for the chicken-based, Hakata-style noodles.” – Shawn

Konjiki Ramen, 41 Elm St.

Try the porcini / truffle pasta. It makes a nice addition to shio clam ramen. “- Wilson

Oji Seichi's Ramen

Ramen Isshin, 421 College St.

“Try the Tsukemen and the spicy white sesame shio.” – Shawn

Momofuku noodle bar, 190 University Ave.

“The cold spicy noodle is a classic.” – Mitch

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