Do you miss Trump at the National Palace?

It would be understandable that the Palacio’s electoral offensive, except for “the Spanish pause”, concentrates on clearing the road to 2024 of adversaries, real and possible, by crushing local targets, including the media and journalists.

The accusation of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken of “interfering and being a lamp of the street”, in angry claim for the official reaction of Washington to the murders of journalists, has been the constant before Biden.

The question is whether the National Palace misses Trump, who commented that the United States, like Putin, should send troops against violence in Mexico, something that he once proposed to Mexico, according to President López Obrador.

Zaldívar: divine and cold pleasure gives the vendetta

Nothing new is narrated by the Minister President of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, in this space of El Economista, the rejection he made of suggestions from officials of the Calderón government was revealed.

His indignation at the “unseemly proposal” is understandable, but it is difficult to understand his silence for more than 12 years and the indignant tone of his press conference in which he points to former President Felipe Calderón as responsible.

Difficult to justify why he did not make the accusation at the time of the “unseemly proposal” and speaks today, when the former president is the six-year-old villain. Perhaps, as the Palacio classic says, he remembered that “politics is time.”

Morena: Did they swear to the Constitution in vain?

Nobody should be surprised by the hyperbolic narratives of the ruling party regarding the ongoing process of the popular referendum to revoke the mandate, especially when they try to undermine the credibility of the National Electoral Institute.

We should be less surprised that with the greatest impudence the entire structure of the government and the official party has dedicated itself to breaking the rules that the law has established for the consultation process.

In a legal State, any student of the subject would tell you that everyone, from the Executive to officials and legislators, swore to abide by the Constitution “and the laws that emanate from it.” Isn’t it a civil sin to swear to the Constitution in vain?

Swirling Notes

The governors of Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Tabasco, plus the governor of Campeche met with the United States ambassador to Mexico, Kenneth Salazar. They spoke of investments for the sustainable development of the southeast, for which the United States would contribute 30 million dollars. But sacrilegious! Did they not realize that the money would come through USAID, the agency that the Palace despises so much? There are no values ​​anymore… Even opposition critics must be reasonable. They reacted negatively to the announcement that the Felipe Ángeles International Airport was insured for 6,000 million pesos against eventual contingencies. They would still complain if they didn’t assure it, but they forget that the military, lovers of order, wouldn’t stop doing it… On tour in Chihuahua, Secretary of Welfare Ariadna Montiel. He announced attention to the most remote mountain communities, even those of the so-called “golden triangle”… By April 10, Morena will have to mobilize its entire structure, the Mandate Revocation consultation will be the occasion of how far they have advanced, to, if it is offered, to reorganize the Official Party, again… Voltaire’s warning: “we say nonsense and by repeating it we end up believing it”…

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