Dissension among the Taliban, the Afghan crisis at the heart of a summit in Tajikistan

The situation remains tense in Kabul. Almost ten days after the announcement of a Taliban government, reports point to friction behind the scenes.

Two Taliban camps oppose each other

Two camps oppose: on the one hand, the supporters of the hard line, traditionalist, the one who already ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s; the other, advocates for change, for inclusive government.

This voice is notably carried by the Taliban Deputy Prime Minister, Abdul Ghani Baradar, who has been rumored to be dead in recent days, killed during a violent confrontation at the presidential palace.

The person, in a televised statement, belatedly denied this information, explaining to have been “on trip” from Kabul, and assuring the Afghans that there was “no reason to worry.”

Regional summit in Tajikistan

Beyond the political upheavals, Afghans are worried about the economic and financial crisis affecting their country.

Across the border in Tajikistan, the Afghan crisis is at the heart of discussions between the various regional actors, gathered around Chinese and Russian representatives, who intend to play a key role in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have proclaimed their commitment to continuing the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, welcomes the head of Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov. They also assured neighboring countries that they would do everything possible to ensure that no threats spread from Afghan territory. We welcome this approach while monitoring its implementation. “

As for the representatives of the new Taliban government, they were not invited to this summit in Tajikistan.


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