In the hope that the Senate of the Republic will conclude the process of designating the commissioners, the Pleno of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications will convene in 2021 with the intention of designing the cumulative aid scheme.

Among the urgent issues addressed by the Plenary, the 12th of January, the visit to the procedure of the mercantile competition promoted by Altán Redes, radicaled by the expedition 163/2021 in a civil judgment of the CDMX. A unanimous agreement of the five commissioners, in public session.

Five votes were also taken on the announcement of the merger between Fox and Disney. Equally, by unanimity, fueron results other sites asuntos.

The second IFT session of 2021 includes a high level of relevance in the order of the day: the application presented by Claro TV — a subsidiary of America Móvil — to provide restricted television services in Mexico. Apenas el pasado lunes 24, los directivos del corporationo de Plaza Carso expusieron sus finaleos argomen.

In anticipation of the resolution of the commissioners of the autonomous organ has created the preoccupation of the competitors of America Móvil, ahead of the evidence on the ominous echoes, vinculados a la irerencia by Carlos Emiliano Calderón Mercado, coordinator of the Strategic Digital Nacional de Nacional Presidency.

The federal official — from agreeing to these versions — would form a preoccupied alliance with the economic agent who predates, no matter, the precedents of false and false promises. And Habria influenced the posture of one of the five integral members of the Plenum, who, on the other hand, showed an act “extremely complacent” in relation to the directives of the American Movement.

It seems that the commissioner thinks that the gap in competence will help him to strengthen the IFT presidency, which is currently occupied by Adolfo Cuevas Teja, in an internal manner.

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Ante the imminent resolution of the petition of Claro TV, the Office of Commercial Representation of the United States formally external to its preoccupation ante the Secretariat of Economy and ante the IFT proposal. If it is carried out in a favorable manner, this institution will be notified, it will infringe on a French violation in Chapter 28 of the T-MEC and it will be irresponsibly impacted on the market.

America Mobile Currently has a 70% market share in mobile internet services and more than 62% in mobile phone services in Mexico, in addition to being the largest payer of Latin American pay TV. From the governing state’s preoccupation with the probable entry of Claro TV on the pay-TV market, formally Jayme White, from the USTR, agreed with the Reuters agency. Previously, the agreement was reached during a bilateral meeting to discuss topics related to the trade agreement.

The Institute for the Law of Telecommunications, for its part, considers that the solicitation of America Móvil represents in itself, a new and burdensome maneuver by the economic agent responsible for trying to dissuade the Political Constitution, the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Act regulators issued by the IFT, as well as to evade the obligations and restrictions that are on the subject of preponderance.

In its solicitation, Claro TV argues that it would create a posteriority in the declaration of preponderance, issued in 2014, because it could not apply the vigorous legal mark. “It is a legal entity,” IDET warned, “because a decisive decision and all sorts of mistakes have been made by the IFT, which would not only undermine the regulator’s compromise with the rest of the industry,” he said. including possible derivatives in economic reprisals for Mexico ”.

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Secondary effects

PASARELA. Having attended the Salon Tesorería de Palacio Nacional, Ricardo Aldana is the protagonist of the aspirations of the aspirants of the General Secretariat of the Syndicate of Petroleum Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), which will be elected by secret ballot and will direct 89,000 votes its organization, the proximity Monday 31. The trade union extortion has been criticized by its advertisers, it is by its neighbors with the PRI and its indudible search for Carlos Romero Deschamps. Simultaneously with the emergence of controversial postures, such as that of Miguel Arturo Flores, who promised to abide by the privileges and rights of the past within the Petroleum Board.

ARRIBO. From the societies of Llorente and Cuenca, new competencies will take place next week. Javier Rosado takes over the direction of the northern region of Latin America — covering operations in Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic — to become Chief Client Officer in the hemisphere. The vacancy will be occupied by David González Natal, who will also be integrated into the Global Executive Committee of the company. The announcement has been made for some time now that LLYC has claimed its support in the region with the acquisition of 75% of the BESO data-predictive agency in Mexico.

NEW MODEL. Prevent, combat and impart justice. These are the three themes of the public security strategy that will instrument Mauricio Kuri González’s governing body in Queretaro. With an inversion of 4,000 million pounds, this new scheme includes the installation of a Central Command Center of ultimate generation and vigilance with drones.


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