Discrepancies in the INE

It was just a skirmish. A difference of criteria within the General Council of the INE, inopportune at the moment in which the autonomous body requested a budget increase -1,700 million pesos- from the Ministry of Finance to carry out the consultation on the revocation of the mandate , in four months.

A difference between the councilors, highlighted by the judicial mandate to elect a new president for the Electoral Institute of Querétaro, after the revocation of the appointment Teresita Adriana Sánchez Núñez, contested for not meeting the eligibility requirements.

Processed by the Commission for Liaison with local bodies, headed by Dania Ravel, the appointment will not proceed according to the decision of the electoral magistrates. That setback, according to counselor Beatriz Claudia Zavala, could have been avoided if the majority project of bringing a former advisor to the INE presidency to that position had prospered. And in the execution of the sentence they had to act “with great seriousness and consistency.”

The Electoral Court ordered the INE to appoint a substitute, between the two applicants who reached the final evaluation and were not winners, but the electoral advisers preferred to emphasize their independence, declare the election procedure void and denounce what they consider acts of intimidation. .

And it is that Sánchez Núñez would have deceived the Queretaro authorities to obtain his proof of residence, which generated an ex officio investigation that could lead to administrative sanctions. In addition to her time at the Executive General Board, the invalidated candidate is part of the professional service and while this controversy concludes, she will be supported by her colleagues.

But most electoral consultants do not like to have their abilities or decisions questioned. And instead of acknowledging their mistake, they revealed probable gender-based political violence allegedly committed by those who challenged the former INE official.

Did Sánchez Núñez lie about his residence? Or are General Council resolutions infallible? Regarding this decision and the repeated refusal of the INE to reject the return of 500 million pesos of prerogatives received by Morena in 2020 and 2021, Lorenzo Córdova disclaimed responsibilities and rejected accusations of authoritarian, tyrannical or despotic attitudes made by the leaders of the ruling party. .

The INE will abide by the judicial resolutions. But it will also resist media attacks and harassment from other bodies, insisted Córdova Vianello, who again complained about the criminal complaint filed by the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio José Gutiérrez. “These continue their course and the prosecution continues to make inquiries.”

Between interpreting and enforcing the laws, the INE travels through rocky paths. In the case of the Moreno petition to return resources that were received by the political party in fiscal year 2021, the electoral advisers abided by the resolution of the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court.

Morena gave up 827 million pesos in 2020 and another 252 million pesos last year. These resources were not used by the party in electoral activities and its intention is that they be redirected for the purchase of vaccines.

But they were not returned to the Federation Treasury in a timely manner. And it can only be re-entered into the federal coffers when the electoral authority audits the parties, corresponding to the 2021 fiscal year.

“If there is an intention, if any party wants to return any part of the money that corresponds to it in January, I recommend that they send the corresponding official letter, which is the correct route to request that it not be received, today or at the latest tomorrow, because if not, later , it will no longer be possible to return it”, decreed the president counselor. The electoral advisers, by majority, called on the political forces to adhere to the current criteria and move away from fanfare.

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