Disabling Rules: The Available Ones, by Jenn Díaz

If we already know, what women’s rights, once we conquer them, they are used and absorbed by the system and used against us. We know it very well, really, we do not need to be warned about the possible consequences of legislating on the invisibility of our bodies. Not always: of our bodies whenmenstruate. Some want to deny us the right to stop, to listen to us, to respect us. They ignore our pain, make our bodily processes invisible. They distrust our word. Others want us capar the possibility of sparking a debate. The menstrual permit has opened another crack in public opinion. They don’t want it to exist. Or they don’t want the rule to hurt us. No, they don’t care if it hurts us or not, they want the pain to be private. That does not alter the perfect, round operation of production. Others do not want to be considered victims. Nobody wants it. It’s worse: they don’t want the victims to have rights.

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