Digitization, an urgent tool in construction

The construction It ranks as the penultimate sector in the employment of digital toolsonly ahead of agriculture, which, according to members of the industry, opens space for the development of innovations through technology to improve processes.

Such is the case of Quality Cloud, a software that allows digital control of the works from the beginning, for example, from the excavation process to the start of sales, explained Robinson Fuentes, general director of the platform.

However, one of the main challenges is trying to incorporate digital processes to an industry that has changed little in the use of management tools.

“The industry of constructionaccording to Mckenzie (digital management company) indicates that the construction is the penultimate, it only surpasses agriculture, in the incorporation of technology for digitalization”, said Fuentes.

Thus, by renting the use of the platform, it allows the user to store information corresponding to the project, ranging from plans or permits, which directly affects time savings by improving quality control.

“About 80% of the losses of a building or a project in constructionIn silver and deadlines, almost 80% is related to reworked jobs, jobs that had to be done and demolished, because they were not done with the quality standard”, explained the businessman.

Why digitize works?

For the manager, the great advantage of having a digital repository of how the Building process of a work, in the first place directly impacts the efficiency of development, and consequently in reducing losses due to mismanagement.

“We focus on the quality control of the execution of the activity, according to the project, we do not focus on quantifying materials, nor money or budgets, but on the work being executed as it was intended, from engineering and architecture”, the manager explained.

“And companies, by building better, do not waste money or time when building their project.”

However, another advantage that the digitization is having immediate access to the history of a work, a useful advantage especially in seismic zones such as Mexico and Chile.

“In Chile, in 2010 we experienced a giant earthquake of 8.8 (degrees on the Richter scale), but the city behaved quite well, water and electricity supplies were not lost.

“It was achieved, because in Chili About 20 years ago the concept of traceability began, which means knowing for sure who is the one that finishes activity one, so that activity two can continue, that implies that it is known what was done with a signed document”, explained the specialist.

Thus, having a digitization process can facilitate the process of reviewing and gathering information for any emergency that requires it.

The Netflix of construction

Currently, Calidad Cloud seeks to serve any type of industry that has its services, whether in housing projects, infrastructure, or even mining; however, currently, 67% of the works registered online correspond to the segment of living place Y Offices.

Quality Cloud, a company of Chilean origin, operates as a monthly rental platform, which ranges from 5,000 to 9,000 pesos during use, and around 2,500 pesos if you only want to consult the stored information.

“The bigger your project you are going to pay a maximum of 9,000 pesos, but if it is not that big and you need a range of 15 professionals interacting on the platform, you pay a minimum of 5,000 pesos,” said Robinson Fuentes.

“Just as you hire Netflix or Spotify, which is very fast, that’s how you hire Quality Cloud, and that’s how you unsubscribe if we don’t serve you.”

The light plan of Calidad Cloud, the lowest price, allows access to 15 field users, whether they are engineers or supervisors, as well as five management users.

To date, the company has participated in 1,500 projects, in countries such as Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

Cloud Quality, which has just started operations in Mexico, expects to collaborate with about 50 companies during its first year, with about 120 clients for its second year and reach about 600 projects in total.

And it is that for Robinson Fuentes, one of the advantages in the country is the level of digitization that has already reached the country.

“We start with a few steps of digital assimilation a little higher than in other countries,” explained Fuentes.

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