Canadian businesses are struggling to find workers with digital skills as the pandemic continues to accelerate technology adoption and automation, a new survey finds.

According to the results of the KPMG survey, the inability to find and retain talent has been identified as the main threat to the growth prospects of companies across the country.

Nearly 80% of companies polled say the pandemic has changed the way they work and they now need more workers with IT skills. But 70% of companies surveyed struggle to hire people with the right skills, says KPMG. The firm says nearly 90% of companies invest in upgrading workers’ skills, but more than half say they will need to consider recruiting outside of Canada.

According to President and Managing Partner of Digital at KPMG in Canada, Armughan Ahmad, while the pandemic has enabled many companies to accelerate their digital strategies, competition for digital skills has made it more difficult to implement these strategies.

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