Didi prohibits its workers from selling shares of the company indefinitely.

The Chinese transportation giant Didi Global Inc. it has prohibited its current and former workers from selling shares in the company indefinitely, the Financial Times reported.

The 180-day lock-in period after the company’s initial public offering, during which current and former employees couldn’t sell shares, was supposed to end on December 27, but the ban has been extended without a new end date, according to the report.

Workers will not be able to sell shares until the company is listed in Hong Kong, according to the report.

Didi did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

The company has been the subject of a regulatory campaign in China that has forced the Beijing-based car travel giant to announce its plans to leave the New York Stock Exchange and listing in Hong Kong.

The powerful China Cyberspace Administration ordered the company to stop registering new users shortly after its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in June. Its applications are still under investigation.


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