DID YOU WANT CHRISTIAN NODAL FOR HER? Angela Aguilar, jealous of romance? Surprise with comment about Belinda and Nodal

  • Ángela Aguilar affirms that she wants a relationship like Nodal and Belinda’s
  • They say they are an inspiration to her
  • “I really like the displays of affection they have”

He wants a relationship like theirs. The 17-year-old Mexican singer, Ángela Aguilar, also the daughter of the musician Pepe Aguilar, stated for the Ventaneando program portal that she would like to live a romance like that of her compatriots, the singers Christian Nodal and Belinda, stating that “they are quite a inspiration ”for her.

Ángela Aguilar is currently one of the most beloved and loved Mexican celebrities by the public, and that is because the 17-year-old girl has managed to stay among the public’s taste thanks to her great talent and charisma that she possesses, which has earned her it rains thousands of gallants both inside and outside of Mexico.

Ángela Aguilar says she wants to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda

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However, the nicknamed “Princess of the Mexican Regional” has kept a low profile in terms of relationships, to such an extent that the young woman has not been involved with any boy yet, despite that, the portal of Tv Azteca, affirmed that Angela Aguilar is waiting to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda, declaring herself a big fan of this beautiful relationship.

According to the Ventaneando program, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter declared herself a big fan of “Nodeli”, as she said she aspires to a relationship like that, full of a lot of love and affection, however, she has always wanted her relationships to keep a low profile, as you would not like it to have the same media exposure as theirs.

“They cause me a lot of admiration and excitement”; Ángela Aguilar says she wants to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda

"They cause me a lot of admiration and illusion";  Ángela Aguilar says she wants to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda
PHOTO: Instagram

At the beginning of her statements, the Mexican-American singer Ángela Aguilar, affirmed that the relationship between Christian Nodal and Belinda inspired her a lot and that she was very excited to find a partner in the future, who makes her feel loved and with whom she can demonstrate his love on social media:

“I am very excited and excited about this couple because it gives me the certainty that at some point I will find someone in the middle, and I will be able to enjoy a beautiful relationship where everything will be fine,” said Pepe Aguilar’s daughter for the program of shows, Ventaneando, confessing that he was looking for a relationship almost equal to theirs.

Admire their displays of affection

Admire their displays of affection
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After this, Ángela Aguilar confessed that she greatly admired the expressions of affection that both Christian Nodal and Belinda gave each other through social networks without any type of fear or attack, however she confessed that her relationship would like it to be more private, and not had the same mediatic exposition as theirs:

“It is an inspiration that they can show their love in social networks without conflict, although I am a more private person, I do not know if I could with that exposure”, after this he affirmed that his future relationships would like to be more private for the public: ” My courtships I think I will have a little more hidden ”.

Prefers a less media relationship

Prefers a less media relationship
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Let us remember that these have been the first statements that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has given in this regard on a love issue, since as she commented during her meeting with the Ventaneando program, she has always been characterized by being a very reserved artist regarding her private affairs, leading his life away from the media and public attention.

At the moment neither of the two singers, both Belinda and Christian Nodal have spoken before these words that the 17-year-old, Ángela Aguilar said about their relationship, where she assured that she seeks to have a courtship as beautiful as these have. artists.

Did they have a relationship ?; Ángela Aguilar says she wants to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda

Did they have a relationship ?;  Ángela Aguilar says she wants to live a romance like that of Christian Nodal and Belinda
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It should be noted that it was not long ago when Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar released their single “Tell me how you want” in 2020, after this, it was widely argued that they were in a possible love relationship, since several followers affirmed that he had a very nice chemistry and they looked great together.

However, all this wave of speculation dissolved after it became known that the 22-year-old singer, Christian Nodal, began a relationship with the singer and actress Belinda, who, despite the fact that many speculated that it was A marketing strategy, because both were in La Voz, months later they announced their engagement, making their relationship more than official.

They criticize the discomfort of Belinda and Christian Nodal by a Telemundo reporter

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Does he want her just for himself without turning to see anyone else? The Billboard Latin Music Awards were held this Thursday, September 23 and among the guests were Belinda and Christian Nodal, after months of speculation between pregnancy, wedding and even separation, but now an uncomfortable moment has people talking.

A year after their relationship and after announcing their engagement amid rumors of pregnancy and even separation, the Mexican couple finally gave their long-awaited appearance at the Latin Billboard Awards and upon arriving at the event they were surprised by a Telemundo reporter, but the moment became ‘strange’ and people noticed it.

Too toxic? Belinda and Christian Nodal’s awkward moment with a Telemundo reporter

Belinda Angela Aguilar
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Dressed in a shiny, sexy and transparent nude-colored dress, Belinda was relaxed at all times, until she arrived with Christian Nodal on the carpet at the Billboard awards, to which her partner Christian Nodal was nominated in several categories, who wore black shirt and pants.

When they arrived at the celebration, a Telemundo reporter approached them to interview them and question them about their feeling of being there and what everyone noticed is that Belinda greeted the journalist with great enthusiasm, while the ‘murderous’ look she gave him Christian Nodal to both … too jealous?

‘The strange’ moment of Christian Nodal and Belinda at Billboard awards

Belinda Angela Aguilar
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“What a beauty, I can’t believe it, they both look so beautiful… chicaaaa, how are you? Happy to see you and happy to see you together… ”, the Telemundo reporter began very excitedly, greeting Belinda and Christian Nodal, who did not look at all pleased in the hug and kiss that the journalist gave his future wife.

Even the interpreter of ‘Adios Amor’, dropped his cell phone, so the interviewer picked it up and shook his hand, while he very seriously only saw him question Belinda, who also got something ‘strange’ as if looking for her fiancé’s look to ‘don’t bother’, which was quite strange.

Billboard awards reporter did his job and the couple ‘acted strange’

Belinda Angela Aguilar
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In the video, shared by the Instagram account of ‘Spicy Girl’, you can see how the reporter questions Christian Nodal very respectfully about the start of his tour in the US and feeling flattered to be Belinda’s promised, to which he artist of ‘The Kisses that I gave you’, answers:

“Very well, thank God to return to normal life after this COVID that had us without concerts all this time”, just answered Christian Nodal while the reporter passed the microphone to Belinda, saying “you always have a good girlfriend supporting to the couple ”, to which the Mexican-Spanish added:“ I think Latin music always fills us with life, love, pride and now that it is stronger than ever… ”, she concluded.

People noticed something strange

Belinda Angela Aguilar
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Although the video of the interview was brief, people did not hesitate to ‘detect’ that the couple is a bit toxic? at least that’s how they defined it in the comments: “Nodal’s face seeing how they greet and hug Beli and they didn’t even give him their hand, jealous mode activated”, “Nodal’s jealous eyes, Mexican male hair on chest”, “Oh not well toxic hahaha ”.

And the critics continued: “He with his pin … face”, “How arrogant he behaved because he did not even thank him when the journalist picked up his cell phone”, “La Beli with a face of discomfort and Nodal with his kindness that characterizes him lately “,” The look of Nodal and Belinda seems to ask for approval of the entire interview the same way with their eyes … they say thank you Nodal, please lift your cell “,” My God what an uneven couple “,” She looks at him a lot at he as if he were asking permission to speak ”, people said. Some images of this note come from the following video


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