Díaz’s project is born wounded after 19-J and Oltra’s accusation

Leading a political space and sponsoring a candidate is bad for disassociating yourself after the electoral results obtained, even if these suppose a hard blow for your future plans. In this situation is Yolanda Diaz after the poor figures obtained by Andalusia -the coalition of Can, UI, More Country and three other games- this Sunday and less than 20 days after launching ‘Sumar’. The only five deputies that they have achieved in the Andalusian Parliament are already a notch in their listening process which, moreover, is threatened by the recent accusation of Monica Oltra for the alleged cover-up of her ex-husband’s abuse of a minor under guardianship.

The environment of the second vice president and Minister of Labor has not tired of rejecting the idea that the Andalusian elections were a first step in the confrontation of the broad front that it raises. After knowing the results of Por Andalucía, Díaz herself published a message on social networks admitting that she was “a rough night for progressives“, but he did not mention at any time the candidacy of Inma Grandson which, from the beginning, he supported. “We need to open a new time that looks to the future“, continued the vice president, in relation to Sumar and distancing himself from what happened.

But the reality is different. Contrary to his scant participation in the castile and leon elections -he only attended one act-, the Minister of Labor has turned to Andalusia. She intervened in the initial conflictive negotiations between Podemos, IU and Más País, which were closed ‘in extremis’, with administrative errors and airing, once again, the internal conflicts. Her intervention reached the point of point to Nieto as the candidate. And already in the campaign, Díaz participated in three mass events -with Ione Belarra and Inigo Errejon– and sheltered at all times at the top of the list.

the first doubts

Now, the results of Por Andalucía -5 seats, when in 2018 they achieved 17 with Adelanta Andalucía- are a bad fertilizer with which to start sowing the listening process that will start next July 8 in Madrid, coinciding with the celebration of the LGTBI Pride party. In addition, they sow certain doubts about the future of the project. A priori, the pull of the second vice president is unquestionable. At least, in terms of popularity. The high attendance at the acts of Díaz meant that, for a few moments, the directors of Por Andalucía imagined electoral results better than expected.

It was not so. The question, therefore, is whether Díaz’s apparent success can be translated into votes at the polls. For now, the coalition of Podemos, IU and Más País has not managed to capitalize on the presence of the purples in the Government in Andalusia and the Minister of Labor has also not managed to be the necessary revulsive to reactivate the voters of the left.

internal divisions

The course of the campaign also shows the fragility of the alliances that Díaz intends to achieve. Although the listening process is not about parties, as she repeats every time she is asked, the vice president’s intention is to unite all the formations to the left of the PSOE and overcome the margins of United We Can. Given the poor prospects at the polls, Díaz; the general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra; the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, and even the former leader of the purples Pablo Iglesias were forced to offer an image of reconciliation.

It remains to be seen if the results that the polls have produced allow us to maintain this apparent and public good harmony. For now, there are low-level cross-accusations about the malfunctioning of the electoral campaign and who should bear the responsibility.

court issues

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The bump in Andalusia is added to another of the discomforts that Diaz had last week. The Vice President of the Valencian Generalitat, Monica Oltra, was charged with the alleged cover-up of her ex-husband’s abuse of a minor under guardianship. It is a tricky matter that could affect Diaz herself, who for months has shown her harmony with the leader of Compromís in various acts. “It’s the start of something wonderful“, said the Minister of Labor in the first meeting she shared with Oltra, who is called to be part of the Díaz project.

And it is not the only one. Díaz has also made it clear that she wants to “add” the mayor of Barcelona and general coordinator of Catalunya en Comú, Ada Colau, to your future platform. Although less famous, the Barcelona mayor also weighs an imputation for the alleged crimes of coercion and prevarication. All this could stain the start of ‘Sumar’.

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