Díaz meets Torrent to lure ERC to ‘yes’ to labor reform

  • The second vice president travels to Barcelona and forms a common front with the unions to put pressure on the Republicans

The second ‘Vice-President’ and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, met this Wednesday evening with the ‘conseller’ of Empresa i Treball, Roger Torrent, to seek ERC support for labor reform. This was reported by ‘eldiario.es’ and was confirmed by EL PERIÓDICO from sources from both teams. The second vice president traveled to Barcelona to build a common front with the unions and put pressure on the Republicans so that they finally agreed to process the reform in Congress. The meeting, which will be held this Wednesday evening in Barcelona, ​​is intended to “exchange views” and not to properly negotiate the contents of a potential agreement, as demanded by the Republican leader’s team.

Díaz landed in Barcelona on Wednesday to announce the benefits of the labor reform agreed with employers and unions and to transfer pressure on Republicans to break down the norm or not. “Here we all know he did not come to see us,” a union member joked during one of the visits the second vice president made to the headquarters of CCOO Y UGT of Catalonia. Finally, and despite the fact that the meeting was not publicly on the agenda, Díaz met with Torrent to try to lure the Republicans to a reform that they insisted on being described as “inadequate” and which “is not what Catalonia needs”.

“It’s not a light thing, it’s a very serious thing that improves people’s lives. From the Galician workers, from the Basques, from the Catalans. It’s a land agreement. […] If anyone votes against it, they will have to explain it, “Díaz said this afternoon at the CCOO headquarters. contributed to dragging ERC to the ‘yes’. “[Votar no a la reforma] It’s not a shot in the foot, it’s a shot in the head, “said the Secretary-General of the CCOO of Catalonia. Xavier Pacheco. “We want the majority of the investment to support him,” the UGT leader had previously stated. Camil Ros.

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The ERC has put a series of demands on the table that will bring about far-reaching changes in what has been agreed with the employers and trade unions. Republicans are demanding that the compensation for dismissal before the Rajoy reform, the processing of salaries or the administrative authorization of collective redundancies be recovered, as well as to strengthen the prevalence of regional agreements over state agreements. Elements have rejected them all by the bosses and this could cause the businessmen to fall out of the deal.

Contacts between Díaz’s team and the Republicans have taken place in recent weeks, albeit with less intensity than they would have liked from ERC, as they have repeatedly stated in public. The leader of United We Can maneuver to bind a majority in Congress and that it does not go through right-wing parties, such as e.g. C’s -who has already publicly offered his votes to process a text without amendment- or the PDECat. And in that accounting, ERC plays a central role. Díaz had already eaten with the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès on January 12 and benefited from a relocation from this Madrid. And this Wednesday was the meeting with the ‘counterpart’ in the Generalitat de Díaz, the ‘counselor’ of Enterprise and Employment, Roger Torrent.


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