Díaz defends the transversality of his ‘broad front’: “I don’t want to be to the left of the PSOE, I give him that little corner”

  • The second vice president rejects that her work is to unify the left, although she ensures that everyone will be welcome

  • He will start traveling around Spain after Christmas to hold talks with civil society

I don’t want to be to the left of the PSOE, I give the PSOE that little corner“. Yolanda Díaz has already marked the ideological course of the ‘broad front’ that she intends to build for the next electoral cycle. The words of the second vice president and leader of United We can make it clear that she was trying to get out of the electoral niche located to the left of the socialists and draw up one more project transversal, that reaches the whole of society. The starting gun to create this project will take place just after Christmas, when the Minister of Labor has already closed the labor reform. It will be then when he begins to travel all over Spain to talk with civil society.

Little by little Díaz is dropping small informative pills of what he has in mind. Until now, the vice president had limited herself to ensuring that things were not going to party. Neither of egos. That the important thing was the dialogue with the citizens. Sources close to the purple leader explained that the intention is to build a project similar to the one raised by the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, but more heeled to the left. The step he has taken this Thursday in an interview with Radiocable follows in the wake of the leader of ‘The Republic on the Move‘, detach from the ideological space in which it is traditionally framed to try to encompass a larger sector of the electorate.

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In a clear and concise way, Díaz has assured that the land that is to the left of the PSOE in Spain, where the parties that make up United We Can and the rest of the forces with which it has more contact are located, “is something very small and very marginal”. She is more committed to “transversality” and considers that her policies defend it. “I think I work for the social majority and labels seem to sometimes complicate your life,” he summarized. In other words, the qualifier of the left can take away support at the polls.

“Do you think it is possible to unite the left?” “What is the left? I do not want to unite the left. What I want is for Spanish society to be the protagonist of an essential process of social transformation in my country and I want everyone to be there”, was his response .


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