Dialogue between Russia and Ukraine weakens; Harris sees NATO as strong

Kiev. Russian tanks arrived yesterday, March 10, at the gates of Kiev, in their strategy of surrounding the large cities of Ukraine, causing a mass exodus towards countries of the European Union (EU), which is preparing to receive “millions of refugees.

The military operations continued in parallel to the first high-level negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, where the objective of a ceasefire in the conflict that President Vladimir Putin began on February 24 was not achieved.

The United States and its EU allies said they were considering new sanctions against Russia over signs of an “escalation” in attacks on civilians.

On the ground, a team from the AFP agency saw columns of smoke in the town of Skybyn, a few hundred meters from the last checkpoint on the northeast edge of Kiev.

Russian tanks had already reached the northern and western suburbs.

Five kilometers from the capital, the town of Velyka Dymerka was the target of Russian Grad rockets.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian forces continue to advance to surround Kiev without neglecting other fronts, such as the cities of Izium, Petrovske, Sumy, Ojtyrka and the Donestsk region.

“Humanitarian Corridors”

The meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov and Dmytro Kuleba, in the Turkish town of Antalya, did not record any tangible results for the cessation of hostilities.

Kuleba indicated however that both foreign ministers had decided to “continue their efforts”, although “Ukraine has not given up, does not give up and will not give up”, he added.

In the evening, the Russian government announced that, even without agreements, its army would open “humanitarian corridors” from those towns to Russia.

In Turkey, Lavrov reiterated that Russia “did not attack Ukraine”, but responded to “direct threats against (its) security”, and insisted on the demilitarization and neutrality of the former Soviet republic.

kamala in warsaw

US Vice President Kamala Harris declared yesterday in Warsaw that NATO has become “stronger” and Russia “weaker” due to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“The NATO alliance is stronger and Russia is weaker because of what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has done,” Harris said, while his host, President Andrzej Duda, denounced the invasion by Russian forces, which described as “barbarism with characteristics of genocide”.

“We have to save Ukraine,” the Polish head of state asked, calling for “new sanctions against Russia.”

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