Design: Where does the egg come from?, by Juli Capella

When at the end of the 70s, studying at the Escola Massana, I heard the phrase the egg is a perfect shape, even if it is made with the ass, I was stunned. It was an occurrence of Bruno MunariItalian design guru why not say that invention thinks while imagination sees. Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult. His maxim was: can’t it be done in another way? I ran to devour a book of his entitled ‘Visual Design and Communication’, edited by Gustavo Gili (today GG) who, for 50 years, has been ‘de-educating’ generations of designers and artists. I discovered that a cloud is casual visual communicationIt warns you if it’s going to rain. While a smoke signal is intentional. It can be practical, to warn of danger, or aesthetic, for a party. That sunset and sunrise are the same, it just depends where you see them from. That the dream of the artist is to get to the museum, that of the designer to the neighborhood market.

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