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On Thursday, Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty released design plans for the Saskatchewan Residential School Monument to be located at Government House in Regina.

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The plan to build a permanent monument is a response to Call to Action No. 82 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which recommends the construction of a high-visibility residential school monument accessible to the public in each capital city to honor the survivors and the children who were lost in their lives. families and communities.

The design was unveiled on the National Truth and Reconciliation Day following engagement with the guardians of knowledge, leaders and survivors of indigenous residential schools across the province. Mirasty led the engagement, who said it was an honor to speak to the survivors and their families.

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“The Memorial will acknowledge the pain as well as the resilience of all those affected by the residential school system in our province,” Mirasty said in a press release.

Seniors from Luther High School attended the groundbreaking event on the Government House grounds.

Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty welcomed 100 12th graders Thursday when he unveiled a design for a permanent memorial to a residential school.

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The design of the monument will be circular, symbolizing the cycles and seasons of life. It will include benches made of reclaimed elm wood, which will be obtained from the Wascana Center and the Government House and will be ground by the Provincial Capital Commission.

Saskatchewan plants and trees will be planted throughout the design.

In the center of the monument, a large natural stone will represent the province and the locations of each former residential school. The stone will face east towards sunrise, which means hope.

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A stain bowl will also be installed on the front of the stone for ceremonial purposes.

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The Provincial Capital Commission and the Lieutenant Governor’s office will announce the finished monument on an unspecified date.

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line (1-866-925-4419) is available 24 hours a day to anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their residential school experience.

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