Deputies send to the Senate the opinion of the Federal Law of Rights

Without complications, the federal deputies approved in general and in particular the draft decree of the Federal Law of Rights (LFD) since the 115 reservations presented by all the legislative fractions were not admitted for discussion.

The LFD’s opinion was approved in less than three hours of discussion with 270 in favor, 212 against and zero abstentions. Given this, it is sent to the Senate of the Republic for analysis and approval.

In this sense, the federal government expects a collection of more than 47,193 million pesos, through the Federal Law of Rights. Given this, Patricia Terrazas, a PAN deputy, criticized that it is incomprehensible that the government is insensitive and intends to increase the cost of the services it provides.

“Like the laws that make up the Tax Miscellany, the LFD has a totally collection trend and only in this way is it understood that the expected income from rights for fiscal year 2022 will have a real increase of 7.7%,” said Patricia Terrazas.

At the same time, Olga Espinosa Morales, a PRD deputy, argued that the ruling on the Federal Law on Rights has a mission to “obtain resources in any way possible.” Therefore, he estimated that for a economic reactivation It is necessary to attract more foreign investment and speed up the procedures in the matter of industrial trade.

For his part, Sergio Barrera, a legislator for the Citizen Movement, considered the increase in the cost of admission to museums an insult to millions of Mexicans.

“If there was a sector affected by the pandemic It was the tourist industry, they were among the first establishments to close their doors and the last to be able to open them. Now they not only recharge more in those establishments, but also affect the right of access to culture ”, said Sergio Barrera.

Likewise, the Federal Law on Rights provides for adjustments for the cost of passports. For example, the passport for a year goes from 645 pesos to 754 pesos; older than one and up to 3 years from 1,345 pesos to 1,471; older than 3 and up to 6 years from 1,845 pesos to 1,998; and for up to 10 years it goes from 2,840 pesos to 3,506.

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