After two years of pandemic, the communication has ratified its position as an essential element of the organization of deportation events, in addition to all information about contact numbers, tests performed, sanitary protocols and contraceptive measures. The deportation has agreed on the forms of sorevivir to Covid-19 and for these messages and congress its key pieces.

This is one of the lessons that has clarified most of the principles of this 2022 with the Abierto of Australia and the expulsion of Novak Djokovic, Signal Carlos López Linaldi, communications consultant and specialist in sports and diversity topics. From his perspective, the department and the communication have formed a functional flaw in the last two years.

“The deportation has been well on its way to the pandemic, because in 2020 it was all but abrupt that, while the private initiative and governs have not been prepared, they have been learning and currently there are some leagues that are declining to decrease, but without parar. The industry is learning to live with this pandemic and adapting its operations to the point of failure to complete everything ”.

The case of Djokovic abrió la puerta para una communication line que demandaba ser clear en rapida par part du public, puas se traataba de un figure with millions of followers around the world. It was the first example of its type, respecting the fact that there was a break in the failure of the evacuation against the Covid-19, but in those years he referred to other cases of image criticism, such as Cristiano Ronaldo moving a bottle de Coca-Cola en la pasada Eurocopa.

“The athletes and the athletes, especially from the Djokovic team, have a responsibility to the aficionados. From the perspective of public relations, it is our responsibility to assume the need to generate a positive impact and share positive messages, for example, when Cristiano Ronaldo moved the bottle of refreshment, it is a message that has no adequate form for it. a positive message, because the footballer is using the influence that has millions of followers around the world to decide who to water. “So we assume our responsibility and all the athletes of this level must assume the action,” the specialist said.

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One of the most recent criticisms has been the theme of Chinese tennis player, Peng Shuai, and the hermeticism with which his superstitious disappearance was forced on the goosebumps. In the meantime, athletes from Serena Williams’ and Andy Murray’s team will start launching messages on social media to demand explanations and all about Shuai’s reparations.

What papel has taken the sport in the last two years with respect to the themes of Covid-19, politicians and socials?

– “Currently and from the last two years to the end of the sport, apart from being a form of unity in society, because in the end there have been rivalries that are solely deportivas, there is a platform for emitting messages of all kinds. Vemos deportistas que utilizan sus propolis canales, social reasons par expresses his opinion respecting some countries that vayan to visit, respecting some political position or sociocultural, for which the sport in the last years has been converted also on a platform of communion for different topics that are important for athletes ”.

Public opinion is seeing a factor of weight in the market of the markets. Just at the Australian Open 2022, the organization decided to separate the Santos patronage, a petrol and gas company originating in Australia.

Climatic activists like the Australia Australia team will be hosting Tennis Australia and the Grand Slam’s organizing committee to improve their relations with Santos, who will be patrolling in 2021 and hope to have more years to go.

Fossil combustion plants like Santos are provocative climatic days, including calorie counting, sequins, forest fires, coral coloration and sea level rise, and we are not allowed to take pictures of large sporting events . Australia’s Sustainability depends on a sustainable climate, ”said Lucy Manne, CEO of

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What differences have been noted regarding the behavior of the aficionados’s previous themes such as the Covid-19 and others?

– “The aficionados stand as a protagonist, grading the digital channels and social media, they are involved in all aspects of the leagues and sports depots, they own pressure only on the deportees, clubs or markets, also in the organizers. The company is involved much more with the sports industry more than just consumers ”, says López Linaldi.

At another level, the communication strategies also work to define the postures of the nations with respect to thematic topics. The case of the Australian Open and Djokovic set a precedent for teaching around the world that Australia has valued its lanes against which sea, to make it a world-wide figure; eso brinda an international reputation of querer proteger a su ciudadanía y de un stada de derecho irrompible.

“For the reputation of a country, the congress is very important. Australia, for example, is positioned around the world as a nation that takes care of itself at the same time that it applies to any person. Mexico, for its part, is positioned ahead of the world as a country that does not restrict the entry of importing persons into vacancies or of contagion; Finally, these messages are important because they affect the perception of the public in general, which can be thought of as visiting or consuming inside a country. The congress is very important, as it has also been the message that the country is facing and that it is accompanied by actions, as is the case in Australia ”.


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