Denmark will advise Jalisco on energy matters

Guadalajara, Jalisco. The Energy Agency of Denmark will offer technical advice to the Agency of Jalisco to improve the use of energy in both the private and public sectors of the entity, using the technologies available in the different industrial sectors.

The objective is that companies can move towards more efficient and environmentally friendly production models, said the director of Linkage with Strategic Areas of the Jalisco Energy Agency, Karen Jackson.

According to the official, although the Danish Energy Agency has already collaborated with technical advice in different federal institutions, this is the first time that it works in technical cooperation with a subnational government, and chose the state of Jalisco both for its potential, as well as for the vision that they detected in this entity to improve and promote energy efficiency, clean energy and its installed technical capacity.

“Information will be developed and workshops and training courses will be held so that companies can improve their energy performance, at no cost. Implementing energy efficiency also generates economic savings”, underlined Karen Jackson.


It is worth mentioning that Jalisco lost investments estimated at 2,000 million dollars after the Secretary of Energy of the federal government issued, in May 2020, an agreement to restrict clean energy generation projects.

Faced with this, the state decided to promote the approval of its own legislation on energy matters in order to provide legal certainty to investments in energy projects and guarantee the supply of energy to all industrial sectors interested in settling in the entity.

Since 2016, Jalisco created a State Energy Agency with the aim of promoting public and private actions for the generation and efficient use of energy, as well as increasing competitiveness in the state.

Likewise, the entity has a State Energy Plan 2019-2034, which contains the energy strategy to guarantee the economic and safe supply of energy to the productive sectors, and at the same time, ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. .

The cooperation agreement between the Energy Agencies of Jalisco and Denmark is part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the State government and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, whose objective is to advance the 2022-2024 Cooperation Program between both parties, which seeks to strengthen state initiatives through the exchange of knowledge and technical assistance for climate change mitigation and the achievement of national energy efficiency goals.

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