Denis Coderre wants to make Montreal cleaner

A cleaner metropolis. This is one of the wishes of aspiring mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre, who presented his team’s plan on Wednesday to achieve it.

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“In 2017, my opponent said that Montreal deserved to be clean. Four years later, I’ve never seen it so dirty, ”said Mr. Coderre.

The mayoral candidate indicates that he wants to draw inspiration from best practices to “reverse the trend”. In particular, it plans to create a fund to support the boroughs in their mission, by making it possible, for example, to increase the number of garbage cans in parks and on arteries as well as to increase the pace of collections in parks in summer.

He also wants to create an on-demand bulky item collection system. If elected, he promises that his administration would intervene within 48 hours after the report of a wild deposit, and 24 hours to remove hateful graffiti.

The frequency of cleaning brigades will be improved in all the boroughs, if Mr. Coderre becomes mayor again during the municipal elections of November 7.

“Open-air ashtrays”

The party will also increase the number of public ashtrays so that there are fewer cigarette butts thrown on the ground.

“This is not the kind of city we want to offer Montrealers,” noted Emilia Tamko, candidate for a post of municipal councilor for Ensemble Montreal, who described the streets as “open ashtrays”.

The presence of rats in the metropolis is also a concern for the party, which will put in place a systematic rat control procedure during works involving the opening of the sewage system. He also wants to educate the public to declare any presence of rats in order to better document the problem.

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