Denis Coderre proposes to remove the fence between Mont-Royal and Parc-Extension

Denis Coderre proposes to remove the fence that separates the city of Mont-Royal from the Montreal district of Parc-Extension and to transform Boulevard de l’Acadie into an urban boulevard. The disappearance of this fence could improve relations between the two cities, believes the candidate for mayor of Montreal and leader of Ensemble Montreal.

However, the fence in question belongs to the Town of Mount Royal and Montreal could not remove it as it sees fit. “This fence has become a symbol that awakens a lot of negative feelings that are neither welcome for either side,” said Guillaume Lavoie, candidate for mayor of the district of Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc- Extension for Ensemble Montreal. “The plan is not to act against Ville Mont-Royal, but with them. I suspect that Ville Mont-Royal will be very happy with the proposed redevelopment. “

Mr. Lavoie says he had discussions on this file with the current mayor of the Town of Mount-Royal, Philippe Roy, before the latter announced, last March, his withdrawal from political life at the end of his mandate in next november. Ensemble Montréal’s plan includes greening the artery to eliminate heat islands and reduce the speed of traffic.

Joined by The duty, Philippe Roy confirms that he broached the subject with the candidate of Ensemble Montreal. “There’s a reason this fence is there. This is the result of the presence of De l’Acadie Boulevard with six lanes where there is heavy transport, trucking and noise, ”he recalls, referring to the presence on both sides of the city. artery of dwellings.

He explains that he also had discussions on this subject with Anie Samson, former mayor of Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension, in 2017, as well as with the elected representative who succeeded him, Giuliana Fumagalli. Although he will not seek another term, he believes that the removal of the fence is possible. “Our attitude is that we are not going to fight to keep the fence, if there is a greener and more sensible redevelopment project in Acadia. “

The fence was erected in 1960 following the widening of Boulevard de l’Acadie. Until 2002, the Town of Mount-Royal locked many of its doors on Halloween night, thus preventing children from going to seek candy from the more fortunate residents of Mount-Royal.

Further details will follow.

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